Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Do you know any good yoga instructors? I feel becoming more flexible may not a necessity for my short to mid term future in atlas.


I see one of two possible outcomes from this expansion. It could demonstrate how well the Atlas design team is doing in balancing the world, or it could demonstrate the depth and breadth of the impact of Atlas not being reset at launch.


i expect a shit show as they have done nothing that i have seen to sort out the serious lag issues in Atlas with the few teams that are on those servers now.


We still looking at the middle of this week for expansion? Any chance you can narrow that down a bit @pgEcho



The new PVP regions mentioned in the beginning of this thread will be opened up this Wednesday, April 25th. We will shut down Atlas access before the release of the land, and open up the land sometime in the afternoon. A message will be sent during the day on Wednesday with the target time players should expect Atlas to re-open.

Any news on when the Atlas Expansion is coming?

@pgEcho thanks for the update. Can you confirm if the issue with safe passage not working properly has been fixed? Before the shields went up, there were several reports of members getting delayed even after safe passage was granted.


I just want to know what platinum and gold teams made the list to get atlas :woman_shrugging:t4: @pgEcho


Its in the announcement thread


Can you tag me in it please


… or, you know, find it yourself? It’s literally the first topic on the main page of the forums…


I was looking for it for a while and I couldn’t find it but I just did. I couldn’t find it that’s why I asked for help but thanks anyways :wave::joy:


Safe passage? That is going to be the least of your worries on Wednesday, wait for the real latency to take affect! What a freaking joke.


Whats league for tea rollout in April 25th?


So the land rush will start during a crafting event?

You don’t want to start it during a kill event because you will hand out too many prizes?


Kill events are being removed from the rotation as Atlas seasons is forthcoming. The Atlas season is essentially one long PVP event.


Thank you for the reply.

So the Atlas Season will start before the land rush? That would be fabulous.


When can we expect another roll out?

Kinda getting tired of playing the waiting game with no deadline to know how long we have to wait.

Especially when teams like this

Get Atlas

And teams like this

Get nothing but another chance to be left behind


Oh my god, why that team have low activity but that team won the lottery? This unfair


Yesterday, my team just 48 member in Platinum 2 :frowning:


Well…it was a dramatic lottery. :rofl: