Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Doesn’t sound fun at all :frowning:

Between the super lag, being booted from the game on every defend attempt, and other things we certainly didn’t have too much fun last night either.


Ugh. It really says something to hear that from you. It is apparent you have a great deal of enthusiasm for the game.
This whole deal has really killed mine.


So your own alliance took your land?


no, it was a neighbor we tried to cohabitate with
Edit for clarity:
It was unowned. We conquered it and then the rest.



100% agreed.

I‘ve been saying this since the proposals were announced but PG doesn‘t really care.


Caring is not on the roadmap…


Thanks, this made my day :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Same :joy: that was the answer to win the internet


Well played sir!

Reminds me of back when @Joebot would reply to threads like this with “This is an optional feature. You don’t have to play it if you don’t want to.”


How much longer you will new rollout for Sapphire 3 and Platinum 1 again?
Now, my team in platinum 1. Maybe next weeks my team promote to Sapphire 3

@pgEcho @Arelyna


Maybe when Atlas is stable enough to actually load on the first try and not lag like crazy… so in about 2020.


I would guess at the very least you probably won’t see teams added until after the atlas season ends assuming the performance issues get worked out


I’m a glad our team didn’t get picked for atlas, so many issues✌️


When to deliver Atlas for new teams? We Are in a saphire league for a month and still have no Atlas . We are in saphire 2 now.


Lol maybe PG is busy to preparing New Season😅


Atlas isn’t merit-based, it’s time-based. Mostly.

You don’t automatically get Atlas when you reach a certain league. If you’re at or above a certain league cut-off when they do an expansion roll-out, you’ll get access. Until then, you just get to wait.

Fun, isn’t it?


yes, you right lol


I always assumed teams automatically got it once they reached a certain level.

Even less reason for certain teams to move up.


Just another in a long and ever-growing list of things PG needs to be more clear about (but probably never will)…


It was automatic, then it changed.