Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Actually, if I am not mistaken, if you have access to post in the Atlas category(here), then that means you have, or are getting access, right? My team isn’t listed up there, but we’ve been in Sapphire since before the last two expansions …but since I can now post in Atlas, I presume that means the list isn’t definitive?


The way it worked In the past is that the list is exactly who is being added. Last time they told us the date the list was created on also.


yay… we got added, thanks


When will we know the patch notes for 4.16?


Can this be confirmed? Would like to update my team. @pgEcho


This list provided above is the list of teams that will be added. This post is in the announcements section so its not limited to only Atlas players who can comment.


odd that it wouldn’t allow me to reply to it earlier, but thanks for adding OldManRage


Ok, just found it strange as we have been in the top bracket of P1 bouncing back and fourth in Sapphire for a while…

Thanks for clarifying…


Mass mardar!


Give us a week at least :joy: then you can get more points :smirk:


It’s the same situation when my S1 team was added in the last expansion. The expansion was for most of the teams in Sapphire, whatever day the devs ran that query, with a sprinkling of top Platinum teams. If you happened to be in Platinum on the wrong day that probably contributed to it.


I’m a pretty casual Atlas player. What will be more fun is watching the new teams getting introduced to the Alliances with the Diamond teams.


Hope they are not crushed with insane taxes just for survival, which is a norm i heard.


I wouldn’t know, my S1 team disbanded shortly after getting added to Atlas and my current team was already structured in an Alliance. But, I’ve heard the stories.


If a team can’t pay upkeep, they shouldn’t own land


I think he is referring to the mafia tactic where teams were required to pay other teams to not bulldoze their team. Maybe?


This will be such a cluster fck,I wish I could see it. Good luck to the new atlas teams.


u all left palehorserider off


Did they? But you are S1…