Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


So it seems that myself and my team have worked hard to get to sapphire and stay in there for weeks for the expansion of atlas and your not adding us to it? How does that work ? You tell teams they have to fight to get to sapphire to be sure to get it yet they get to sapphire early and still miss out. Not happy Jan!


I see a lot of that…but fear not…there are some P2 in the mix…lol

Perhaps they took our spots?


just want an expalantio why plat teams get in before saph teams


Sooo basically we’re heading out to the new world where almost all the lands are owned by yonkos and we have to make alliances? Who will be the supernovas? :flushed:


Supernova is not in yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is my team not on the list if we’re currently in sapphire 3?


You can add our team, FeedUs, to the list of current Sapphire league members not on that list. And we’ve been in Sapphire for several months too, so it’s like we just got here.


So let’s say a team makes it into Sapphire in 2 weeks then how long could that team expect to go without Atlas?

I thought the next roll out was supposed to cover all of Sapphire & some of Plat one?!?


Sorry for all the confusion for Sapphire teams not being added. There was a bit of a error in the team placement data. I have updated the original post team list. There were some sapphire teams left out, and a handful of platinum teams that are no longer on the list. Please take a look at the updated list to see if your team makes the cut.


Where is the updated list?


@xxxVGxxx @Krygare @Pete18 List updated.

@KhalKorridor the original post was updated, scroll up.


Thank you for addressing the issue in a timely manner.


Is there going to be a way to prevent the teams just getting atlas from being completely squished by the bigger teams?


No. PG doesn’t sell warranties in-game, they don’t want to be sued.


Why would the rankings be used before the league change? Why wasn’t the public notified when the rankings would be used to determine who is allowed access to Atlas?

It’s like saying the playoffs are coming soon and then saying hey guys, playoff starts tomorrow using the current standings!


In all past communications we stated that leagues would be added in order of strongest leagues to weakest. The date has always been subject to change based on development timelines. For teams wanting Atlas access, its best to stay in the highest sub league you are able until you receive access.


We have put in multiple changes to help reduce high level teams want to destroy low teams.

1- Teams will only be able to hold 20 Level 2 Castles, and 30 Level 3 Castles.
2- The glory you get for attacking an enemy scales down the lower that player’s level, as well as the lower that players Team Atlas Influence Rank. They can still destroy you but its much less rewarding for them to do so and therefore a bad use of troops.
3- You can stay in neutral areas to avoid being destroyed as well as Ally up with other teams to protect yourself.
4- Enfeeble as a tower defense mechanic to help fend off higher level opponents.


Exactly my thoughts :roll_eyes:

Supposed to fight your way there when They originally give a vague timeline then push it back further and then pop on one day and say here’s your list!

And they announce it what? 15 hours before league changeover?
So several teams that will be in sapphire in less then a day still don’t even get in!


And… My team was one of the platinum teams that originally was there and now it’s not… That’s was a short lived excitement


For new Atlas users, there are two wonderful channels on Line (the second is a new duplicate of the first being populated with the archive of info from the first)…

The channels are called:

If you want an invite to read the questions and answers stored there and ask your own questions and have them answered by experienced Atlas players, message me in Line and I will get you added to one if the rooms. (LineID: drjoshc)