Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Is another roll out even being discussed or should we expect this to be like the last?


Yes there will be more. (take a look at all that unreleased land on the map :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yes let’s demand an exact date and time for the next one :roll_eyes:

Whenever the next one is, there will be new teams in sapphire, and new teams in Plat 1. Meaning they’ll have priority. It’ll be an eternity before it reaches all of platinum


Yeah, if you didn’t get it that sux. But this goes back to a point I made before, which I know no one wants to hear… but the truth is at this point if you aren’t in and wanna be, you have a better shot getting into a team with access than waiting for your current team to hopefully make it to the right league at the right time.

There’s gonna be a lot of turnover on those new access teams…


Very exciting news !!! PG hope you’ll keep your promise and we’ll see Atlas in a weak :slight_smile:


:100: Accurate lol :joy:


That moment you get super excited for the roll out but then you realize you still in Gold league :joy::joy:


Ich Habe Gehört man muss Schutz - Zoll zahlen, sonst wird man als kleines Team geschleift, wird das von PG geduldet ?

I heard you have to pay protection - customs, otherwise you will be dragged as a small team, is that tolerated by PG?


Meh, don’t give into terrorists


Then don’t pay, and don’t expect to have good land unless you can hold it without the muscle of a big team.


Here is a quicker way to get into the Line room for asking Atlas questions (since I can’t invite people 24/7) :grimacing:

This invite link should get you into the new room. (The old one is full, although some people are moving to the new room, freeing space… we are turning it into a “new Atlas user” and an “experienced Atlas user” learning room pair, since even the experienced users have lots of questions)


Of course I didn’t expect an exact date!

The next roll out should cover all of Plat one and Maybe 2?
My question was if it’s even in the near future?

Because I honestly think adding more teams brings all kinds of more problems which will take months to fix & then more to figure out how they will get even more teams in lol
So yeah 6 months at the very earliest!

Obviously my team wouldn’t compete with a diamond team lol But I cant even imagine the competitive edge the initial teams got from being in this long! And now what sapphire teams will be getting!
It’s crazy and I’ve NEVER seen anytbing like it!
I would have to really look to even be able to find a game that allows the players to keep all of their beta progress but yeah PG doesn’t give a shit! It’s the same reason why beta wasn’t even random :roll_eyes:
Now they have to slowly add 10 teams at a time lol why? If it’s not capable of holding the player base why even introduce it into the game?

Sorry still very annoyed by this whole screwed up expansion they call Atlas!

They say fight it out to get there but refuse to give a date, then push it back! Just to jump on the forums one day and say here’s your teams being added?
Could have at least made it interesting and told us they would be choosing the teams in 7 days I would have war’d us up into Sapphire!
This will be the last post I make in reference to Atlas I’m over it!


Hmmm… that url turned into that weird box

I hope you can still click on it…

Maybe if it idn’t on a line by itself?

Try this…


Only if you own land… you can build up in the neutral zone in safety until you’re ready to attack.

The ones who are going to get crushed are the teams that get impatient and try to grab land without enough troops or the right primarchs.


You can :+1:


Edit the post and swap the link or delete it. You can click on it, but it’s not an invite anymore.


What if my team move to Platinum 1 before April 9th can have access to Atlas?
Please, let me know


Barring any critical setbacks, the following teams will be granted access to Atlas on April 9th

My understanding is if you are not on the list then you are not getting it.


But i’ll move from Platinum 2 to Platinum 1


Not all of P1 is even getting Atlas, and im pretty positive this is the finalized list, the only teams getting added are sapphire teams that were missed when making the team list.

But as @pgEcho stated, if you’re wanting your team to get atlas in the next roll out.