Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


There was an announcement a couple of weeks ago that said diamond/sapphire and 50-75% of plat1 would Been integrated into atlas rollout.

Thankyou PG for letting us (the players) know in advance and sticking to your word. My last experience with atlas was a bit glitchy but that was awhile ago but I am looking forward to get getting it again. (And hopefully finding some long lost troops as well ) :grin:


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:. :star_struck: finally uhulllll


@pgEcho you removed my team from the list.
And some teams lower than mine are still on the list.
What the hell is going on?
I don’t get it at all


Whether some teams got it or not Thank you so much for being transparent @pgEcho


We are not in the list despite our recent performances. Are you sure you have considered this criterion? We went down to Pl2 because of Team Gauntlet event. When do you expect to add new teams?


Yay lol


They only added half of P1. If youre in P2 you are not added for sure.
I think it’ll be a few months before they add new teams. Sorry mate.


I think this is very worthwhile to note. There will probably be quite a few merger opportunities popping up in the near future so keep your eyes peeled.


so a question i am curious about.
#2 point. glory based on atlas ranking. How will this work for higher ranking teams to have say a member park a rusher in NMO and a lower ranked team player attacks that rusher. Will it be a reduced glory payout for this or only when higher ranked team attacks a lower ranked team


How come WolfRuss is not in? We will be in Platinum 1 today or in a week in Sapphire League.



Can you add one more team to the list?
The team I am currently in: WolfRuss
Thank you,


Well if you aren’t in Platinum 1 currently you have zero chance of making the list. Doesn’t matter what your future plans are, you aren’t there yet.

Looks like you will wait for next go around


Hehe. I Know… but we stayed 5 weeks in PL1. With many many performances.

We finished several times 1st during the events in P1. so I doubt that the criterion of perfomance is respected… By the way, tonight we’re going back to platinum 1… What’s up?


Woo my team is in the list :drooling_face:


Hi, can you please help me understand why my team is not on the list? But was in sapphire last week, and has never dropped from plat 1 and has been constantly scoring high on events We’ve been to sapphire 3 times in the last few months. So I’m just trying to figure out why we didn’t make the cut? Just wanna know so I can make sure my team does what it takes


Like the stock market, past performance has no effect on the future


not everyone on platinum will be able to join

even if you reach diamond I doesn’t matter since it will be based on your current team’s league.

The slots prioritize the current Sapphire teams while Platinum will take some slots, but have lower priority like what happened when some Sapphire teams wasn’t included, they removed some handful of platinum teams.


If it’s based on sub-leagues then the upper tier of P1 sub-leagues should be granted access, is it not?

By that notion, if I’m in the same league as @PlzTaylor and we are granted Atlas access like the other teams in our league, shouldn’t their team be on the list too?


Fairly sure they used teams league roughly at the time of the list posted. So last week wouldn’t necessarily matter where you were.

If you are in P1 now, and have been the whole time, while I expected they would use team rank I’ve seen some evidence that the teams they took form p1 May have been ether random or some other choosing method which isn’t rank based. So you just lost on the almost 50/50 coin toss is all.


they said that not everyone on platinum I will get access.

So if you got chosen, then you are lucky unless you want to switch with them?