Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


I cant wait for the server lags when these new teams get in and 3 prims try to attack the same island at the same time.


No one said anything about switching. And yes, if it was a 50/50 choice then yes, I shall consider us lucky.

But I was also basing my understanding on this:


well then your team might be stronger than his team by having more wins in war.

Team isn’t strong if they simply be #1 on every event since that’s based on how much money you have spent unless you go 24/7 to farm bronze chest in which I might ask that you go to a doctor because of possible health issue (not insulting, but worried because I read a news that someone played for 2-3 days straight and died)


Well put!


We in RebornPhoenix are not only the list and we’re P1 as well


Not all P1 teams are being added this rollout. Only guarantee was for teams in Sapphire+


20 level 2 and 30 level three seems backwards. You should be able to hold less of the higher level lands. Especially since there are less of those.


No it doesn’t. It disables the big teams from just taking most of the level 2 castles on the map. There will be more teams with a low amount of lvl 2 castles this way, which enables more teams owning a small piece of land. And less teams staying stuck in the safezone without a chance of owning land.


And instead enables them to hoarde all the level 3. :roll_eyes:

Adjust the number to make sense and allow for others to have property, but more lower level lands makes WAY more sense in so many ways.


Remember that castle is not the same as territory. Say they have a level 3 in all five elements with 4-5 castles per territory. That’s 20-25 castles (out of 30) and hardly too many.


50 castles (not counting the extremely elusive level 4 and 5) is a lot of castles.

Also, a reasonable amount of the to be opened up land needs to be upgraded from level 2 as 100% of it is level 2 last I checked (which was a month or so back). Are 95% of the castles intended to be level 2? I sure hope not. Cuz that would be really lame.


Except teams that have a lot of 3s will very rarely have 2s. The upkeep is simply not worth it.

If they are higher than level 2, I promise current Atlas teams will rush them like mad (which would defeat the purpose of more land).


You are mistaken. Many teams have both.

If they are higher than level 2, I promise current Atlas teams will rush them like mad (which would defeat the purpose of more land).

Of course teams will rush to higher value lands. They always have and will. By your logic, all land should be level 2, which would suck.


By my logic, fresh land should be lower level so brand new teams starting don’t have to fight established teams.


Thus massively diluting the lands.


Thus ensuring new teams aren’t stuck in neutral. Did you not see the map? We don’t know if they will add a new region before the next team rollout that has more lands. Personally, I remember when we got Atlas and the sheer difficulty of holding land against beta teams. We got really really lucky and it was exceptionally difficult.


regret :joy:
One of these teams was a former team of mine.


As much as I don’t care for the idea of 95% level 2 land, @TheRedDelilah is right. It wouldn’t make sense to dump a ton of higher level land for all these newly added teams. Anti-griefing or not, plenty of legacy Beta/Atlas teams would still drop in for a Level 4 or 5 castle and take away a new Atlas team’s troops for little to no glory points, just to get the castle.


I never suggested dumping a ton of high level land. But PG is adding ~3x-4x the land. Not one single zone is level 3. Not one.


But there are a LOT of teams being added in. Strong enough to take a higher zone? Okay go take it from a weaker team.