Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


You are mistaken. The levels you see of the land now will not be the levels of the land at release. The majority will be level 2, but there will also be level 3 - 5.


I’m fine with that. Thanks for clarifying! :+1:


What is the ratio of new level 2 lands to new teams?


Here is a rough ballpark of the new added regions distribution.



Thx for this update! :+1:


Forgive my ignorance on this, but with the land expansion coming tomorrow, the land/castles will be available to current Atlas players prior to the team expansion on the 9th, yes? @pgEcho

If that’s the case, what would be a reasonable expectation for the new teams, in terms of quantity, of those roughly 600 castles come Monday? i am certain there are requirements that need to be met first, but assuming they’re met, of course… none, one, two? guessing with 200 teams being added and 608 level 2 castles, that one or none are likely for most new teams… would that be an accurate presumption? @TheRedDelilah


With the last major expansion, the new teams are in neutral for a week or two THEN everyone gets access to new land. Not prior.


ok, So before the gates are open and the hounds of war descend like locusts, any team getting more than 3 would be doing well… sound right?


… and thanks… sorry i didn’t say that first.


If you’re are new, you would do well to just hold one castle in a region with several allies sharing the rest. You’re main problem will be lack of troops for holding said castles from older teams.


The best advice I can give I’m trying to put here:

I’ll also do a series of live streams pretty intensely that week to help people navigate atlas.


nice progress, atlas is heavy you wont strong, just let me. #renzo1990


So, lets see… i’ll burn your base in atlas with my alts account


Atlas will be even more fun with the additional teams. Quick Q - will this v4.16 include the fix for chaos runes/glyphs?


Yeah, I guess we aren’t very lucky haha. We’ve been in the higher tier of plat 1 for a very long time. Just not lucky haha


@PgEcho you ignore me?
It’s a raw deal.


They already answered:


Thats in notes of 4.16 update


Woot! Missed this lol


Yeah I know that. what I’m asking is why lower ranked teams remain on the list and my team,higher than em got kicked out.