Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


If you’re a platinum team, I don’t believe they said how they picked Plat teams.


It depends on when they pulled the list too (prep time and such), so unless your team has always been rank x globally, that’s probably why.


I know some of the teams, my team has been higher for 2 weeks.




Any chance if this goes well, that roll outs might start to accelerate?

edit: Also is there a minimum time you factor in for evaluation?


Welcome to the club :grinning:


Why did my page get hidden? Isn’t this page to ask for advice and for help? Not trying to start a problem or anything like that. Just trying to find new avenues how to recruit.


Probably bc it’s off topic. Go to the recruiting section to make a recruiting post. There’s a ton of LFTs on there right now.


Your post was most likely flagged because it’s off topic for this thread and there’s a completely different part of the forum that covers recruiting.
I suggest going to the recruitment section and making a LFM post.


If this all goes well then we will definitely love to rollout to more teams as soon as we can!


It’s far from well!

Atlas is Crazy

Firstly, I am not able to donate my troops to Taunter and make my fighter fly away! I need to summon sieger so he is ready in a week.

Secondly, I cannot move troops from my Primarch to barracks. What if I want to attack enemy zone after a week and don’t want to risk 22k but just 10 k troops?

Or if I want to move troops from Sieger to Rusher at my home!!

Third: No Portals!!?

Gimme some of what u r smoking plz. So many castles are not connected to safe zones! How do u want us to connect if our island is on interior AND the castle connecting it with portal is destroyed? Beg a dozen passages everytime? U have a tiny alliance size of 5!!

Finally we booted a team member because he has some family emergency. Atlas was off, so his Primarchs are on our castle. Now we can neither attack him (PvP is off) nor use the castle bank for a WEEK

This is some BIG mess! @pgEcho @PGCrisis



Hmmm are y’all sure atlas has a member team that tests this stuff? I feel bad for the teams with atlas,but this is some seriously funny shit.:joy::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:


Habe mit dem 2ACC Atlas, dort ist das meiste, auch die Quest in Englisch.
Sehr interessant, in 2 Zeilen 2 Sprachen.
Warum stell ich in der Auswahl der Sprache, Deutsch ein wenn es nicht funktioniert.
Wie soll ich Quest erfüllen wenn ich Ihn nicht verstehe.
gib es das Problem auch in anderen Sprachen ???

is it the problem in other languages ​​???

Have with the 2ACC Atlas, there is most, even the quest in English.
Very interesting, in 2 lines 2 languages.
Why do I put German in the language selection if it does not work.
How should I fulfill Quest if I do not understand Him?


Shouldn’t you have may level 5’s at least 2%? Would avoid the whole 1%ers conversation.


I hate to admit it… but you’re right (the high turnover)
I just hope we are strong enough to withstand it😥


Honey Bun… if Atlas fails War Dragons fails.

Instead of being the little ray of sunshine you are you should try and think of more suggestions to help enhance the game. If you find something that could be approved then post your suggestions and solutions.

Let’s face it, the game is growing and the possibilities are endless.

In my opinion the biggest obstacle is getting the programmers and the reality to gel together.


I think a lot of better players from P2-P4 and even Gold will rise up to fill in the blanks… some ppl will quit when they see the effort involved and other more suitable players will jump in.


Atlas is still only a small fraction of players. If it fails then a programmer looses his job but the game continues. If it failed tomorrow 95% of players would be like… Never touched it., don’t care


Your numbers are horribly skewed to ignore the amount of inactive people in low leagues far outweighs the active people in d1-s3


Yeah that’s just not correct. Your perspective is skewed… try again.