Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


So the percentage may be off but the fact remains definitely many more have not than have. Also atlas is not the main money generation part of the game. Maybe PG wants it to generate more. I don’t have their financial data however I suspect the income coming extra from atlas is small and potentially most of that small amount is from whales. So I stand by my statement that atlas could fail and the game would continue. Maybe they could start fresh with a new Idea and code it so it isn’t the mess I hear about with atlas. Maybe even more dragon related. After all, if I wanted to play a troop moving game I would have downloaded that type of game instead of war dragons.


If you had any facts to back up your assumptions then maybe there would be something worth talking about.


If you have any facts to dispute then please bring forward. Since we don’t have access to PG, we all speculate. We are all on a forum discussing. Therefore your opinion is no better than mine or others that have put in two cents before us. :+1:


If the quality of the Atlas rollout matches the quality of the event rollout in 4 .16, we will all be bitterly disappointed. This has been the buggiest update in my experience in the game. And yes, Pg, I have submitted tickets… all of which you have ducked responsibility or fixes for.


Why was this blocked? It is critical, yes, but seems factual…


You are totally clueless


I don’t need facts. I’m not here offering opinions. I just don’t like yours.


Flag bait. :point_up:

Called it.


I actually liked your response. I get really tired of people ranting about whatever, instead of offering up ideas on how to make things better. Let’s keep it positive people!


I get that you don’t like some things… so help figure out to fix them!

I’m interested in ideas, especially good ones, not complaints… have any? :woman_shrugging:


Yeah I have an idea… Let everyone access atlas.if it is so necessary for the game to survive, I suppose it be necessary for everyone to have it :wink:


Now THAT is a good idea! :fist_right::fist_left:



So as far as I understand the new teams will be in the new part of the map and the current atlas map will be segregated for a period of time. So will players who have had atlas, and are now on one of the listed new teams to atlas, be spawned in the new part of map? Or will they be stuck where they were the last time they were in atlas?


New teams will almost certainly be in neutral (which everyone can get to). New level 2-5 land will be locked from everyone at first. Likely your prim is dead, and if it isn’t travel is SUPER fast now. The new land will be opened to everyone likely at the same time.


Ok Thank you :blush:


When will this rollout happen? After event finishes or before that?


How long we will wait more for Atlas?


When we least expect it, much like an event

Event started ! No it didn’t

It’s live now …damn, another false alarm


Damnnn can’t wait…


When the expansion switch is flipped, will the new teams need to restart, reinstall, or be blocked from the game for any period of time? If so, can it be done after the event, please? @pgEcho