Atlas Expansion (Update)


We are slated to unlock the new PVP expansion areas tomorrow as previously communicated. Tomorrow afternoon PST, we will take down Atlas access for some time while we unlock the new regions. Upon completion of this maintenance, existing Atlas players will regain access to the feature. Once players re-enter, everyone will have the opportunity to conquer the new lands.

On the afternoon of November 7th, we will send out another message with the expected time we will turn Atlas back on for players.

Additionally, provided a smooth launch of this expansion tomorrow, we plan to add teams who are placed in Diamond 1 to Sapphire 2 as of the league re-balance on November 14th into Atlas. These teams would be added to Atlas on November 15th.

Atlas Rolling out?
Atlas forum for people who don’t have access to it
Atlas down? Can’t access

Hold your hats


I’m hoping it will come back soon. I’m not holding my breath atm


Whalegnawer is… as Frosty cries over being forever naked.


I don’t suppose the people who have been locked out since 3.7 will be able to participate?


If you’re referring to players who aren’t able to access Atlas due to being on a 32-bit device, then they should regain access with the release of v3.80 next week. If they’re on a 64-bit device, have not recently changed teams, and still not able to enter, it may be different issue with their game that’d warrant a support ticket so we can take a more in-depth look at their game state.


Next week is a bit late… I’d expect the main battles to be over by then. And yes I think most of the people having issues are on 32 bit devices. That’s kind of a major bug and I was thinking you guys would hold off until those people can at least see what’s going on? I see new players on my team getting antsy about not having Atlas just when there’s boring stuff going on like people hitting poachers. I can’t imagine it’d be fun if a new player was locked out when a whole new land is being released


Will the travel paths be added back on Android on the 3.80 update?


Those won’t be in 3.80 on android unfortunately, but are slated for 3.90 which should come out in early-mid Dec.

I want eqaulity! *Equality

Cool. That I can live with until the 3.90 update


@pgEcho can you move the Gold Mine off of the Fort at Davu?
As you can see, all the Primarchs are being hidden.


Remember in beta when people used to be able to “hide” their Primarchs at Gold Mines? That was not cool. Sorry about this! We’ll see what we can do.

Overlapping Continents

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