Atlas Expansion!


Congratulations to the teams at the bottom of this post who, based on their placement into Diamond 1 & 2 this week, will be added to the Atlas Beta group today!

With this addition of teams to Atlas, we will be expanding the number of playable regions. To orient you with the image, the purple colored area is the current playable area in the Atlas beta map. We will unlock new neutral regions today, giving the new and old teams a chance to orient themselves with the new territories (depicted in green). On Monday we will unlock the PVP regions highlighted in the below image (depicted in yellow), at which point everyone is able to fight over control of the regions as they will start off with no owners.

You will also notice that in this update we have changed the visual textures of regions to match the type of element materials they will drop. We hope you enjoy the new look, and have fun fighting over the new regions!

Expansion Regions.png


Where is Atlas?
LFT - Lv202 - saph2 to saph1 with atlas
The "feel" of Atlas - Suggestions and comments
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Beta -> Atlas History + Expansions
Where is Atlas?

How exactly do teams get to the new zone? Does this give an advantage to teams that just happen to be closer to that edge of the map?


You have from now until Monday to get there.
No offense, but if you are in old beta and can’t get there (the green safezone surrounding the yellow) before Monday then you wouldn’t survive the fight for the yellow land anyhow :man_shrugging:t2:.


Of course after I typed that I saw who I replied to :scream:


Yyou guys can get there easily! You have passage grants all through my old alliance


goes and hides in his corner now


You will have from now until Monday to make your way to that edge. If you’re locked down in the middle of the map, I would talk with allies to try to start sending some forces out. I also suspect that the border areas will get thinner as people migrate towards more open area.

We are looking into portal usage as well, but no set plans here at the moment.


So basically the answer is yes. It is skewed to give an advantage to those who are just physically closer…

I’m sure it is possible. I just wanted to know if that’s how it was going. I can see bias is going to just be done randomly. This should make things extra enjoyable. Not.


Any chance of giving us a more detailed map of the new territories with region level info and biome data?


You should now notice that the textures of the map match the biome data. The levels are indicated by the badge next to the region name. This is hard to convey in one image file on the forums, but if you scroll through the map in the game its pretty easy to tell once you know which texture visual goes with which element type. There are 11 textures:

Fire, Neutral Fire - Black-ish with red inlays
Wind, Neutral Wind - Desert Looking
Earth, Neutral Earth - Dirt and green edges
Ice, Neutral Ice - Blue/white
Dark, Neutral Dark - Swamp like Green/Purple
No Mans Lands - Red

Can provide some photos later of the visuals if its still confusing.


I think I get it but if you have time to add the pictures I’m sure it would be helpful.

Also, all the new territory seems to be marked as level 2? When will that change?


There’s three new lv5 regions with lv3-4 regions around them


A lot of complaints about the tutorial being glitchy/confusing from teammates

And personally I went through it on my account that hasn’t had beta(my other one didn’t even have the option to do it) and it was difficult to navagate through



Personally I don’t know what to do because as I have had beta before I can’t access the tutorial so I got no idea how to help new players with it :sweat_smile:


I’m new to atlas but my team is not. I have over 28gb of available memory ( just because some asked me about memory in LC). When I click on the atlas icon my entire game crashes. I did open a ticket it but it has gone unanswered as of yet.

I’m wondering if anyone has heard if this is an issue they are working on already?

Thanks for the help😊


Thx, guess I’ll poke around more–only saw lvl 2 but admittedly didn’t give it a deep dive haha


The Atlas already has balance issues. In the future could you perhaps not do things like put people at an advantage/disadvantage from the very start. It’s going to be hard enough with everyone at different starting points. Why exacerbate the issue @pgEcho


I think what they did actually added balance. Hopefully all the conflict between the original beta players trying to expand gives room for us new to beta to at least survive for a few days


Thank you for increasing access to more teams! Hope Atlas map icon begins working soon as I look forward to taking on this new WD adventure!

Thank you for working on this @pgEcho


Is it showing for you now @CJ123Rock ?