Atlas expansion

Anyone knows when the next atlas roll out for teams will be? And how will those teams be picked? Hopefully not another atlas lottery :joy::joy:

Probably never

Last actual roll out I heard caused all kinds of problems and didn’t the small lottery just cause people to not be able to even get into Atlas for a week or 2?

It’s not looking good buddy :grimacing:

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That didn’t stop PG. We all said that was gonna happen :woman_shrugging:t2:


Lol right and did any of those manage to get any land yet I wonder ? Seeing that most of them were inactive teams

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Like all the other threads asking about the next release, just keep watching #atlas for the next announcement. The higher that your team is in the rankings, though, the better your chance.

You can try to guess at potential timing by trending, but that’s no guarantee either :stuck_out_tongue:

My team is pretty active, but we still haven’t managed to hold any land for longer than 15 minutes or so. Maybe during the next expansion we’ll have a chance to grab some :rofl:

Lol :thinking::thinking: wow

It isn’t easy to hold land as a new team. It’s definately possible but it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

You basically have to politic like crazy.


Yes on the land expansion. I dont think the lottery information is correct.

The teams of the beginning split everything up, the list of pacts and not attacking is longer than a DIN 4 page.
The old teams have 15-20 castles the new 0
No improvement because PG lets them do it.

Either you get into an alliance and the old ones give you a bone or starve

How would you like pg to intervene with ownership? It mostly comes down to big bases and big wallets :man_shrugging:

To respond to op, I’d guess after the server upgrade that they’re tentatively looking into

I believe PG announced that they put a cap on the amount of castles a team can own in Atlas, I just can’t recall if it is 75 or 50.

I think cap is not the right word because big teams can still takeover/conquer castle. Its just that they would not get more additional benefit from it “technically”. That’s how I understand it with the current setup. (Anyone who has more knowledge about it can correct me.)

Let’s say Im correct, if big teams can still conquer more castle as the benefits would allow them to, they would still conquer it.
Because they can use the castle to sell it to any team who his willing to pay them up with gold. They can sugar coat it with “Alliance”.

Dont get me wrong. It is as what it is. Its the survival of the fittest out there. So if you cant keep up with the firepower you need to buy it.

I maybe wrong, its the way I see through it.

So PG puts a product and other cashiers.
Each team should have a home castle that can not be conquered.

They do. Every neutral castle can be their home. They can level up prims, earn rider shards, level up riders, build troops, and compete in events without holding land. And it sure as anything is less hard work.

The thing is the land does have to be worth something more than the normal otherwise what’s the point?

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