Atlas Exploites need a balance

This was a concern after the new troop rules were put into place. Attacking or defending for glory. I for one cannot be on 24/7, no one can. Since these new rules have been in place the increase in sneaky underhanded glory mining has become a normal. When some glory hounding 300 or above comes into the castle and attacks just to bubble and annoy the lower level teams. Since we cannot get the troops back that someone has destroyed while you slept you can only revive a really low number while they get to make more because they were attacking. I find this to be a step backwards. Even when you sit in aligane trying the gain glory attacking and being hit 3 to one takes too much away from troop count. Something else needs to be worked out. I know you guys can do it, please do so soon. Suggestions?


Don’t sit in aligane, and 70% is a low number?


Hes talking about bubble parties I think. And that’s exactly what PG intended all along for glory, they want us attacking castles, not just using NML.


Why are more and more people becoming so frustrated by people coming by and bubbling their castles? They aren’t taking it from you and most of the time they don’t stop by more than once.

you hit me one, I hit you two, they hit me three, we take your castles :octopus:


I can’t say I’ve ever seen that scenario :man_shrugging:. Could be that my team doesn’t bother with hitting those people back bc we know that revenging people is dumb. One of our castles gets bubbled all the time bc of its location and we don’t worry about it :man_shrugging:


and you says revenging people is dumb. How many troops were lost due to not being dumb?

There was a high level come to our castle bubble us. The first time I raid million of his gold (it was so effective that he is 100+ level than me) then send all to the bank and he madly attack me for days. The second time he bubbled us at different castle, we took 1 of their castles and never seen him again

Not every team has the option to just go take people’s castles. We only have the number of castles that we know we can safely hold and always make sure to not stretch ourselves thin. To each their own :man_shrugging:


I don’t sit I attack and defend. But for every attack I do there is at least one or two hits that happen while you’re attacking. I’m losing more troops at the non defended part of the spectrum. It’s the troop loss and half the time the hit didn’t count anyway. So no glory and loss of troops gets to be a pain in the posterior

What the OP is describing is hardly an “exploit”. It’s part of the Atlas mechanics.

What I’m hearing from the OP is they don’t have a strong alliance that can help defend from rogue attackers. So basically, find a better alliance (or an alliance in the first place), and you won’t have the problems you are describing.

Well then take troops only needed for your attack. If you’re using Bronze 2 primarchs the max you can kill off another bronze is 7.5k troops, which you can do safely with about 2.5-3.5 using a sieger and about4-5k on a destroyer (Depends on your attack and the defence power of defender ofcourse). And be quick about who you hit so it doesn’t die before you kill it. Farming glory at places like Aligane is highly risky, but if done right it is also very rewarding for minimal effort. If you can’t do it right, it doesn’t mean there is a problem with the system :man_shrugging: Perhaps, get some advice and be better at it instead of wasting time here whining about it.

Wait, are you playing a war game and complaining about people attacking you?




While it’s obviously not an exploit, I can see where the OP is coming from.

If a Platinum team with MAYBE a couple low 300’s keeps getting attacked by someone (or a whole team) from Sapphire, and the average player on the Sapphire team has harbingers - it’s a bloodbath. So a team may just be hunting glory, but they could cripple a plat team without even meaning to, over a relatively short period of time. Troops die a lot faster than they’re built, and there’s probably a reason it’s a plat team - either not so serious or not spenders, etc. So rebuilding after continuous onslaughts isn’t a sustainable thing.

Yes, in theory one could call in the alliance to get revenge. But the damage is already done, so maybe it prevents THAT team from coming back (maybe not).

So you may say “If a team can’t defend their castle, they shouldn’t have it.” Fair enough. Except this is a GAME, and it’s supposed to be FUN. Nobody has fun losing, especially when they’ve spent time and/or money on a thing, only to have it taken away. Fun shouldn’t be reserved only for the strong or well connected. Allegedly the revive rates were reduced to encourage battling with equals in T4 & T5, but it really crippled the weak in the process. And yes, they got adjusted somewhat - and it helps a little - but it still doesn’t encourage competitive play at mid/low levels. It may have made things more balanced up top, but at the bottoms it’s still pretty grim.

Getting slaughted by vanguards for lopsided troop losses and no appreciable glory sucks the fun out of the game, whether I’m getting 70% revives or 90%.


Don’t keep troops on primes. It’s a thing.

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I think you need to play candy crush then. There will always be losers in this game. It’s war for fricks sake.

Also, if platinum teams are getting hit by sapphire for glory, they probably have too high an atlas rating probably due to too many castles. They need to manage their rank better.

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