Atlas Fall 2018 Expansion due date


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When will the new Atlas expansion come out for fall 2018? It would be nice to let my team know when it comes and to prepare. Mostly to give a answer to my team. We are in Platinum 2 and players are starting to leave my team for teams who have Atlas. It would help out to know. Thanks


All of platinum already has Atlas.


Yup. Teams that have made it up to Platinum since Atlas was released to Platinum were autoadded. /sarcasm


Only if the teams there were in Platinum during the rollout. Not all who have made it to Plat since then have it. Nobody is auto-added. :t_rex:


Then why does my team not have it?


Read the two posts above :wink: :t_rex:


Read above


I understand the posts above. So, my question was, when does the new roll out come to get Atlas?


Nobody knows, nothing’s been announced. :t_rex:


Great. Thanks for the reply. Would PG notify teams before gettin it or does it just show up?


They notified us last time so we’d all have a chance to fight and get to Platinum for it… so if they didn’t this next time, that’d be shitty. :t_rex:

New Teams Being Added to Atlas Today (10/3)

Ok, just tired of the team asking everyday. Thanks again…


No problem. The wait for my previous team was killer and I studied up on Atlas stuff for months beforehand, but it’s well worth it.
… Actually, that’s up to opinion nowadays.
But for me it’s worth it :sweat_smile: :t_rex:


I’ve had Atlas before and restarted an old team. We are ready again. They just can’t seem to wait patiently, lol.


Plat 2
Read above :wink:

You know, like in the original topic post


Whoops. Thanks. I’ve been sleeping on and off all day so my reading brain isn’t at 100%.
@MagaBlue I think that if you stay in Plat2 you’ll make it in the next rollout. I doubt that they’d release Atlas to anywhere below Plat… if they did… oh boy. :t_rex:


Like others have said, nothing has been announced. However, I would not be surprised if they would do roll-outs between atlas seasons only. And the current atlas season ends in 9 days so fingers crossed for an announcement any time soon…


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