Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG

Since those that don’t have Atlas access can’t post feedback, I’m making this here so us mere mortals can comment…


First tidbit…

Being in Atlas World War means you can’t be declared upon in the regular game? How is that “fair”? That eliminates teams in lower leagues from being declared upon… I get that WW will be very involved, but it should be Atlas as the add on, not the regular game as the add on…

Edit, and it’s if you own land in Atlas? So if your team is in Atlas and you own land, you can completely disable war being declared upon you in the rest of the game, you know, where the daily token payouts are decided and whatnot…


Not bad enough to give the beloved elites of spending in the game, a one year + head start in game to build and then add everyone else little by little to be food for them, now let them use those advantages to a greater extent to take even more from the sheeps for slaughter. So now is atlas an added world to war dragon? It seems to becoming just the oppsosite, and war dragons is the add on to atlas. Would be better server to figure out how to get control of the rampant cheating in the game rather than how to screw more than half the players at the exspense of the few.


I think they should add everyone to Atlas first before adding what sounds like a new, complicated, potentially bug-prone feature. The rollout to Sapphire 3 and below has already been delayed while they make “tweaks” to gameplay. This will delay its release even more. Once everyone is in Atlas then you can make changes at least that would be fair. This just makes me think 99% of developer time is now going into Atlas. Who cares about the rest?

Oh, and to say that the regular game is about breeding and training dragons is only a small portion. It’s called WAR dragons right? Now take that away too. Oh sorry, just give it to some of the players not others.


Fucking thank you Jonesy. I was about to make this same post. Can we please try to focus at least some effort into getting teams into Atlas in the first place? I mean come on. Do I really need to leave my team just to join anyone with Atlas who has room for me in order to continue with this game?


Judging from some of the replies I’m seeing in the “official” feedback thread, it seems more and more players are reading the ENTIRE contents of that post.

A NEW dragon, just for Atlas WW.
Unlocking entire TIERS of dragons for “one” player on winning team(s).
Giving entire team X stone.

Everything I read in that “proposal” that reads more like a “preview of what we will be rolling out soon and are just posting this here to see what is the BIGGEST gripe from the community” but seriously, everything I read in it points to Atlas replacing leagues, breeding, and wars in general, so basically Atlas is the new War Dragons.

If that is the case, TELL ME NOW SO I CAN MOVE ON. That is all I want.


So teams will be safe from war, get new dragons and dragon tiers while we grind the same ole grind. Why don’t they just make this 2 separate games at this point? I don’t have Atlas so I could be overreacting since I don’t know what it’s like actually in there but sounds like I’ll be needing to leave my team since they’re more focused on changing the world than getting people into Atlas in the first place.



Before jumping to conclusions, remember that it is all preliminary and not at all set in stone. There will be people who would love this advantage but equally will be people against this I believe. Judging from the initial posts, many people are against some of these concerning aspects of the event as detailed.

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That’s the whole point! It’s an advantage. But one that only a small percentage of the player base are receiving! Also I fail to see how we are jumping to conclusions. I read the proposal the same as anyone.


Ok, why do we want Atlas?
Answer: Extra daily egg tokens

Why do we need eggtokens?
Answer: To breed dragons

The entire premise of WW completely removes the main incentive that I (can’t speak for everyone) want Atlas. Then, add to it that players in Atlas who “win” WW are proposed to get ENTIRE tiers of dragons given to them…I just can’t even imagine. I can’t.

I’ve tried Atlas on my alt account. It was massive, wayyyyyy too much to take in unless you literally immerse yourself into it. And now it stands to basically replace what I have called War Dragons for the past year?

I get that it is only a proposal and they are soliciting feedback, but the ENTIRE premise for WW is flawed! Tell you what, if I could add up everything my wife and I have spent on WDs since we started playing and get a complete refund from PG/Apple, I’d willingly take it and walk away. No more questions asked.

Cause what is gonna happen is they’re getting that harsh feedback. They’ll tweak it, repropose it. Maybe get more feedback. Then roll it out with a few tweaks here and there, but it will still be what it is, a MASSIVE change to the entire way the game is played and how you progress.

Ever since I’ve heard of Atlas, it has always been an “add on” and not a WDs replacement. Well what just got proposed isn’t an add on, it’s WDs 2 aka Atlas WW. Count me out.


Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I could have been, my post was definitely intended to be reassuring in that hopefully these changes would not go into effect as is. I definitely agree with you all and have been posting on that thread as well (albeit on my main account).

Call me optimistic, but I do think PG and especially Dave will take the feedback and apply it.

“Re leagues — oh no, leagues are definitely here to stay! Even if you disable wars, you’ll still get the daily war chest. ”

Seriously? So you can disable wars and no one can steal your tokens. Can I do that too please so I can get my Platinum 1 token amount without actually doing anything to earn them?

So far in that thread, I haven’t seen any acceptance of any feedback, only explanations of how it is going to work. How great a reward it is to give a player entire TIERS of dragons, evolve stones, etc.

Oh yeah, tiers of dragons that costs MILLIONS of egg tokens, handed out as a “prize”.


Certainly seems like it’s going to be a thing and not just a proposal. Even Red saying she’d quit was responded to with reasoning and smiley faces as to why it’s cool.

What the fuck.

Just make Atlas a new app, and let people log on there with their same WD usernames if that’s the way this is going. I’m sure it’s not as simple as that but what part of any of this is simple. I literally quit Game of War once I wasted enough time to see the game is pointless without spending thousands of dollars. Now it’s like they’re trying to make this GoW with a Dragon theme. Rewarding players with a whole tier of dragons are you fucking kidding me?

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Amongst all the other issues, I think they are severely underestimating the animosity, drama, and bad feelings that would be caused by giving one player on a team an entire tier of dragons, even on a stable, long term team. I would not want to decide which of my players received that prize.


Yes I got a lot less optimistic after reading Dave’s response to Red :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

What do you mean rewarding them with an entire tier? Like a new tier to breed or one just giving to you to attack in Atlas? Is this tier stronger then Osbedian? I’m not following :joy:

Okay, as a (near) 3 year player and as someone who hates the idea of a 24/7 Atlas event that seems to punish the clever and cheap asses (read: teams like mine), please do what I am trying to. Read it more, and pick out specifics of what you dislike and why. Not “the whole thing is awful” but really specifics, and make counter suggestions.

I met Dave in person, and he’s a truly kind, clever, and really open guy. I know it’s hard to stay positive, trust me, I know, but try and do something about it, like I and many others are.

I wanna cry too (and may have a little). So if you’re of age, grab a beer, be sad, be mad, and then be smart and critical.


That is the right attitude, but I do want to add we have no forum to provide feedback for atlas, and honestly don’t think it’d be heard anyways given we’re not the target audience (which I get, of course).

Hard to be constructive knowing it’ll be ten years til they actually roll out Atlas. By the time Atlas gets rolled out fully World War will probably be the side game that they’re turning War Dragons into.

Also, I’m on beer number 4 since I started reading that thread lol.

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So much yes! Grabbed a drink right after I read it.

Appreciate your posts there Red, as usual. Much better at articulating than me. :grin::grin: