Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG


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From a player without access to Atlas

  1. Why is giving more teams access to Atlas no longer a priority? By the time all of Platinum has access to Atlas, there will probably have been 5 or 6 more “World War-esque” revamps given the short amount of time it took for this one.

  2. Why are other Atlas issues not being resolved before jumping to make such a massive change? My list of latest forum posts is usually dominated by issues in Atlas. If you’re waiting to give more teams access to Atlas, shouldn’t core issues be addressed prior to something like this?

Note: I know that I’m not in Atlas so I can’t speak on them myself, of course, but there are clearly issues. I can read, but I’d much rather leave the specifics to someone who knows what the eff they’re talking about.

  1. Breeding is the toughest part of the game. Not only are those sans-Atlas missing out on rewards/riders and other goodies already, but now you’re considering giving away tiers within Atlas? (This part I see has been addressed).

  2. Completely hypothetical and unrealistic, but lets say my team ends up in a league with 24 platinum teams with Atlas access and they disable wars. Are we just stuck? Can they enable war and declare a minute before wars start? This doesn’t mention the fact that if we could war them, we’d have to defend against riders we have no access to.

  3. Back to rolling out Atlas. Is still even a thing? It sounds like you’re trying to make things more “fair” for weaker teams in Atlas, but is this forgetting there will be new teams in Atlas moving forward, that will now be even worse off missing out on all these things? Should we be jumping ship from the teams we’ve grown up with to try to squeak into any Atlas team we can find so we can at least have access to what is clearly the main game now?

I’m sorry I’m starting to forget a lot of what I intended to say/ask so I’ll leave it there.


Sorry @Jonesy, we don’t understand mortal speech. Your post just looks like gibberish to the people in Atlas.

*Edit, or was that the point :thinking:


I have atlas, but not on this account. So I’ll post here

Continuing the discussion from Request for Feedback: World War (updated):

I can’t agree strongly enough with this. Breeding needs to be fixed for everyone, not offered as some kind of prize. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will help engage new players and keep them engaged. Red’s explanation of this is spot on, and I make no attempts to improve it. It should be adopted, and as soon as possible.


@PGDave It’s too bad there isn’t someone like you for War Dragons and you are just for Atlas. I want you to know I mean this very respectfully, but at the least can you get Atlas teams out of the same league as non-Atlas teams once your World War goes up. I don’t expect to be listened to being on a team not granted access but being in Atlas is advantage enough without having the option to toggle wars on/off. Remember there is still a game called War Dragons going on over here.


Wow there was a lot of reading to do in that thread and yes I did start to skip through. Some great responses and hopefully PG will listen to those who are currently in Atlas.

I’ve been in Atlas, our team was steamrolled by the bigs, we ended up with no land, couldn’t see the point of the Atlas section of the game after that. Team split now some of us are doing everything we can to stay out of teams who are in Atlas.

So what’s in this proposal for us? You’ve said it’s easier to get land, and that we would be able to keep it. Does that mean big teams won’t be able to just keep taking land off us? Okay I get that they can’t declare a war on us, but wars as such aren’t part of the main Atlas activity right now and they did just come along and take it. So the big question for the little people, when we get back in there, is how are you making Atlas worth our time and effort?


If (when) this happens, Im done. Theres no point in being constructive for me at this point, I learned long ago that its futile.
WD at its core has been the best, most unique game Ive played to date. I will be very very sad to see it go.


Were you not allowed to say that?


Gonna go out on a limb here (sarcasm, as it’s obvious) and say war dragons doesn’t matter anymore to pg. The name of the game is Atlas aka game of war with a dragon theme. I’m sick to my stomach


You and me both, man.


@PGDave not sure if you have access to non-Atlas portions of the forum but any sort of response to non-Atlas teams or are we just going to have to all be 1000000000000x more upset about Atlas


He has access to the entire forum, but this thread has also been created after office hours so I’d request that you let the guy get some sleep sometimes.


I’ll rephrase. Sorry Jared for “being uncivil” in response to your very passively civil comment.

I, CheekyGrinch, did not know that forum notifications were setting off alarms in his house and therefore keeping him from sleeping. I thought it was just a notification on the forums. Sorry for not understanding the magnitude of tagging someone in a post. There should be a warning for this as many people have families. I can’t imagine the amount of children awoken by these forums allowing such uncivilized abuse of the tagging system at all hours of the night.



Also perhaps you should remain current if you’re going to bring “after hours” into play. This thread was created after hours? Guess what else was? I’ll give you the answer: the reason this thread exists. Do you know who was online while all this was happening? I’ll give you the answer: the person tagged. Seriously dude, really…


This isn’t going to help you buddy. I suggest we stay factual and civil.

Plus you’re getting upset about something you don’t yet have access to, and hadn’t even been worked on yet.


Honest question where did I miss factually?


Part 2 actually this is a response to Jared’s comment read up a tad buddy.


@CheekyGrinch Giving Atlas to more teams is absolutely a priority. You probably haven’t seen this post over in the Atlas forum but the tl;dr is that Atlas isn’t ready for more players yet. As much as I’d like to include many more teams, it’s even more important to make sure that new teams will really enjoy their time in Atlas when they arrive. If you’ve read the first draft World War proposal, I think you’ll notice that there’s some very colorful and vibrant discussion about how to get Atlas there. There are a lot of different opinions, and it will take time to collect those opinions (often differing) and work with players to make Atlas ready for everyone else. The fastest way to proceed would be to simply let everyone in or put some of these well-intentioned plans into motion without lengthy discussions with players. But I think that would clearly lead to a lower quality experience, and I’d prefer to stick to the inclusive, community-oriented approach to Atlas in the belief that building something with our players is the best way.

Addressing core issues like balance and pacing (among other things) are at the top of our list. I think this thread about a new Primarch type is a great example of how the community has helped us tackle some thorny challenges. It’s a long read, but the journey was interesting and left us with a solution that the community also stood behind. Good times!

Re (4) – It’s very hypothetical right now. On the off-chance it came to pass, we’d group teams with war disabled/enabled so nobody would be “stuck.” Good edge case; there are almost certainly more as well. I think we have some more fundamental issues to discuss and decide on first, and later if it still makes sense we’ll come back to how it might impact war.


Thanks for the response. Sorry for waking you up. I read/was following and reading that entire thread. I saw the thread you were guessing I didn’t, too. You were met with overwhelming resistance and while I can appreciate that some of the more outlandish things were scrapped like giving away dragon tiers it still remains a thing. By the time Atlas is “fun enough” it’ll be too late for a ton of players.

How about asking teams if they want to be in Atlas before placing them or not? You have teams with Atlas that have shattered and scattered to get away from it, and teams without it begging to get in.

At the rate this is going, literally none of this matters to anyone that isn’t already in Atlas except for upsetting balance between Atlas and non-Atlas teams. If you’re trying to get rid of the War Dragons side of the game, just separate the two completely. I don’t want to be in a league with teams that can toggle whether or not they are doing war.

Let players decide what is “fun” and what isn’t.

And again, thank you for your feedback. It’s refreshing seeing someone like you on the forums even though this is the only time I’ve ever had contact with you. I don’t mean any of this post to come off disrespectfully. I’m just tired of the game I’m playing getting next to 0 attention while the game others are playing (Atlas) gets all the attention.