Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG


You can excel in any WELL DESIGNED game without money. The best balance I have seen is people who spend many hours a day in the game can keep up with someone who spends money but not many hours. The people who both spend money and time have the most advantage, but generally people who can afford to spend also have jobs and can’t be on a game all day.

The disparity between coiners and free to play is too wide in this game. Not a huge issue for me except it sucks to have to leave friends or see them kicked because they can afford time but not $.


I don’t want this thread to close. Our team is in Sapphire 2. We’ve been there since 1 week after the rollout. I appreciate everyone telling us what we are/aren’t missing, but we’d just really like to see for ourselves. We’re pretty much the only team in S2 without Atlas and it sucks for our higher level players that don’t have access to Invader. That is all, I just want this thread to continue :wink:


Your not alone. My team is in S2 right now and does not have Atlas as well. We have been bouncing back and forth between S2 and S1 since the last expansion


On adding more teams:


Isn’t that interesting. Last minute notice too :thinking:


Well that is interesting, thanks for the linkage @forScience!


Well, there goes our hope.


:rofl: if you’re not diamond or in the right click, you’re nobody.


That’s bullshit. My team has been in S1 a and S2 since the last expansion. I like how they posted it where us noon atlas can’t directly complaine


And don’t forget the rider buffs…some odd 80% buff? What. The. Hell.


This is the list for last expansion


I don’t think I’d mind not having it at much if it wasn’t rubbed in our faces so much.
Half of workers for the game work in atlas
Half the posts here are about atlas
Most the ads for the game show atlas
Most of the updates relate to atlas
So basically I’m nothing to do with half the game. It’s like constant reminders that our team aren’t part of the chosen ones.
I understand people are saying it’s not ready and I’m not entirely sure on the solution as I haven’t seen atlas but it definitely shouldn’t have been released if this much work needs doing on it. Will be at least a year before my team get it at this rate.


If it’s not ready by now it will never be ready…


Half the game is putting it generously…go figure they find an employee who’ll bust his tail for the players and he works to serve 1% of the players with Atlas. woo hoo.

Also, platinum will “never” get Atlas. There will always be teams moving up and down in leagues so there wil always be teams above Platinum without Atlas that will get it “first,” aka each rollout will be for the Sapphire teams without it, not actually progressing the rollout through the leagues.


It really is ridiculous how slow it’s been…
I usually am on the positive side of EVERYTHING but the way Atlas has been handled is a joke and I’ve never seen anything like it.


All I can say right now is be patient - there are a lot of good changes coming to Atlas which is worth waiting for! :+1:


It’s hard to tell if that’s a serious post or sarcasm?


Same here. Waiting for good things coming to Atlas can be done with Atlas or without. Also there are enough bad changes that have been coming to WD, so we will see whether this levels out.
Also I am not patient. Never have been, not about to start.


That’s easy to say if you have Atlas. But for the rest of us we are tired of waitting


This is exactly how I felt before my team was added. Unfortunately it will take as long as it takes, and there are some really important upcoming changes you will likely be glad you joined after they were in place. (I’ve heard about some of the stuff they had in the early days that I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to suffer though.)