Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG


I know I’m looking forward to being added after the formal alliances are in place. Some people just don’t listen to instructions and it’s been my worry that they’d attack an allied team because they didn’t read the numerous mails that were sent. :woman_facepalming:


So as someone who has Atlas for a while, lets talk about it…

When you log into WD you do get lets say 450 egg tokens extra from Atlas (D2 team), plus a bit more XP from your runs. These clearly are good things. Plus, yeah, its something new to play with…

Now, due to the high demand for gold to revive/build troops and daily contribution there is a lot less time to go raiding for food/lumber. If your time is limited you might end up engaging less with your team mates…
I myself have used a lot of rubies lately to make up for the lack of gold for either troops or big primarch upgrades which cost a ton…

It is a lot more work than it looks like and yet, in the end of the day I probably wouldn’t want to miss Atlas anymore, simply because the team and I have invested so much time and energy so far. Egg token bonus and more XP from Atlas surely are nice, however, you’d progress faster if you’d invest the same time you need for Atlas for doing egg missions the regular way and raid bases for food and XP.

It is understandable those without it want in. I just hope people realise WD isn’t about logging in and just collecting items, this isn’t farmville, this game requires a lot of work once you are in. Saying Atlas gives more XP and egg tokens alone is quite narrow minded


Yes i understand that there is alot of work involved with Atlas. i have a bunch of friends that have it. i Just want to be add to make the dissension on my own if it is worth the time and energy.


I agree with Bulldog, it would be nice to have the option of actually going into Atlas. It’s the new shiny toy only the cool kids have right now lol. Just some sort of timeline is all most of us want right now for the rest of the team levels is what we r looking for. Not a week goes by that I don’t get asked or see in league chat on when it will come to plat. I know there are still sapphire teams to be added, but when Atlas was launched it had stated that it would Be in plat too. Just wanting an eta esp since hitting the sapphire wall in breeding lol .


I agree with Gryphonheart. The more you add to Atlas just puts us that don’t have it that much further behind. It puts us at a big disadvantage with you now adding alliances on top of the ones that are already there.


I edited the title some as I want this thread to continue and expand as new Atlas proposals are put in that chosen area for discussion.

So, looking at the new Alliances proposal, Alliance members cannot Attack each other, would that expand/include regular gameplay as well? Such as wars, PVP, etc?

If so, this REALLY widens the gap between those that have Atlas and those that don’t. If you land in a league with several teams that are in the same Alliance, they can’t attack/war each other, so you LITERALLY just made it a have vs have not situation as now you have teams that are unable to war/attack each other competing against one another in events based on…attacking each other (war and PVP).

Kinda defeats the War in War Dragons, eh?


Let me start off by saying that I don’t have Atlas yet, but am grateful for some of the changes that are coming to it before my team gets added (whenever that will be). One of those changes I am looking forward to is the new alliance system.

Personally, I think that making it impossible to attack your allies should only apply in Atlas. If allies decide to war or not to war outside of Atlas, that’s their business. I know that some teams enjoy having wars with friends more than wars with teams they don’t know at all.

The reason I’m looking forward to the ‘no attacking your allies’ inside of Atlas purely for the reason that some people can’t seem to read their mails, or team chat. Fight pits ended up being a frustrating exercise in trying to herd cats as the officers on my team (including myself) tried to keep our team mates from hitting the teams we’d allied with for the event.


I agree with it should only apply in Atlas, however due to the lack of information provided, I haven’t been able to determine whether that is the case (or not).
I think that it will be game wide based upon gold being raidable outside of Atlas attacks, but I could be wrong. Haven’t seen it spelled out verbatim anywhere yet.


My understanding is that all this applied to Atlas only, as battles in Atlas has real permanent costs (troops lost). However I will seek clarification on this from @PGDave.

Gold being raidable outside Atlas is also being discussed, specifically that it doesn’t make any sense that you cannot win Gold in Atlas, but you can in main game :man_facepalming:


Alliances will have zero gameplay relevance outside of Atlas according to the plans for 4.15.


Thanks, that’s great news!


PGDave do u have any general timelines that u would be able to share with when more teams will be added to Altas maybe? If that would be ok please?:hugs:


Wow this is a very long thread to read. I am wondering if they cant at least make it so that the next teams coming in can start to get the riders, the stuff to make there gear, and gold for troop building and what not so that they can be somewhat prepared for what they are walking into. I am a non Atlas player and would just like to be able to start to prep for something like that. I know riders and there gear make huge differences in dragons power and capability’s and even with reading this and some other things that people have shared with me I hope this game gets to the point that the theme park doors get opened to all and not just the people that are staying in the hotel (sorry Disney World reference). I know that game design and coding is not easy and very problem prone and setting up and designing every aspect of a new world for people to explore is very tiresome and takes a lot of time, but some of us would like to see that things are moving forward and not at a stand still. Sorry if this is not what you want to hear, heck even making it so that Atlas was tier based so that diamond tier has there own Atlas and so on would be better than just waiting to see. That way every player would see what it is like and have each tier be there own “island” on the overall map.


When is the 4.15 update do out? Could you give us and eta. Something to look forward to


Don’t worry folks it’s for our own good that we’re not in Atlas :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m parking this here since we can’t post in the thread where they’re sort of discussing whether or not we (us without Atlas) know what to expect, and whether all the anti-griefing mechanisms should be in place before they add more teams.

If anyone participating in this thread hasn’t read the thread in the Atlas section that this is from, you really should.

*edit I couldn’t make it do the boxy thing with the link :pensive:


Since I’ve been quoted twice in this thread let me share my direct opinion on this since those quotes were more of a reply to red and doesn’t really explains my entire view on this matter.

I strongly believe atlas was release in a hurry, back then I was fairly new to the game but I read the forums often. i could tell the beta players weren’t happy with the pre-release version of “atlas”. At the same time I recall everyday there was a different post about a high level player quitting due to the game been boring/slow, repetitive and expensive. I believe PG was kind of forced to give a new turn to the game and so atlas was announced.

As of right now atlas has horrible optimization and a poor taste of design that highly favors higher level players.

Here is what i mean by poor optimization:

This was an attack on my team’s castle by several diamond teams ganging on us, we defended for about 2 hours total but the amount of glitches both sides encounter were insane. Primarchs that were dead still showed up in the map and wouldn’t let us re-summon them, and when we finally were able to summon them sometimes we weren’t able to send them back in because of a way-point error.

In my opinion PG hasn’t added more teams to atlas not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t. I estimate atlas to have about 200 teams at the moment or less, expanding it to plat and gold will signify an increase of probably over 1500 teams. Needless to say adding that many teams to a poorly optimize game will just cause a whole bunch of new problems.

Having that said,

Do I think is fair that some teams have atlas and others don’t?
No i don’t, atlas should’ve been tested in a sandbox. The early release for only a few teams just gives a head start to the people that already have a head start to begin with.

Does atlas gives a huge advantage to the core game itself?
Yea it fucking does. (Exception, some players do spend lots of speed ups in atlas to put their teams ahead)

Do i think atlas should be expanded?
Honestly idk, I don’t see any harm expanding atlas as it is. At the same time I don’t know if PG would be able to expand atlas without creating more issues.

That’s my 2 cents on this issue…

Atlas So Broken

To be clear, I wasn’t attempting to take your post completely out of context, or paint anyone posting in that thread in a negative light.

I appreciate many of your comments over there, and just wanted to be sure everyone else over here would give it a read. :hugs::hugs:


I know, you even linked the entire thread, and it wasnt technically out of contest, it just didnt show my entire view in the matter.


Personally I believe the following:

  1. Atlas should not have been released until after it was thoroughly vetted amd shown to be predominately glitch free.
  2. When it was rolled out, every league and their teams start at ground zero, each given a set amount of continents whereas all have equal acreage and islands.
  3. From what little I know (I’ve only been in Atlas for a few months myself although the team I joined has been there a little while longer) the game was rolled out to a few teams to test. That’s fine, but the compensation to those players should have been via rubies in WD and whatever they acquired within Beta, should have been temporary and not kept. Those that join are at a severe disadvantage against teams that have been there a long while and have a lot of acreage. Of course just like in WD, Dreadnaught dominates Atlas as well, but to be honest they haven’t attempted to roll us…yet.
  4. I really wish I were a Lawyer that thoroughly understood the rights of customers in dealing with companies like PG, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the issues we experience could result in major compensation to players regardless as to what PG’s Terms & Conditions state. Trust this, if a Class Action Suit is ever brought against PG for failure to provide proper service I’ll jump on that bandwagon, unless they want to assess the total amount I’ve spent on this game on this account and refund me 30%, then I’ll walk away a happy man free and clear of all this rediculousness.