[Atlas] Fight for Glory v2 Announcement and Official Discussion Thread

Dragon Lords,

Thanks to your incredible feedback during our first run at Fight for Glory, we’ve reconvened the war councils and determined the next steps for turning this event into one that most players can enjoy. Fight for Glory, Round 2, will run next Monday, 5/24.

Here is a list of changes we’re making. Please note that this event is still in trial, so Fight for Glory Round 3 can be different than Rounds 1 and 2. As a reminder we are testing things live so that we can make sure that we run an event in a real environment, so not only are you helping shape the event with your activity and feedback - you are seeing how we iterate on game features - which may be interesting for some players.

Make sure to study these changes intently before you spur the war engines, start strategizing, and wake up your dragons for war.

Upcoming Event Schedule:

  • 5/24: Fight for Glory
  • 5/28: Troop Training
  • 5/31: Gear Crafting
  • 6/4: Troop Training
  • 6/7: Fight for Glory
  • 6/11: Troop Training
  • 6/14: Primarch Rider Training
  • 6/18: Troop Training
  • 6/21: Fight for Glory
  • 6/25: Troop Training

Gameplay Changes:

  • We are keeping PRT around to serve players without maxed primarchs, as they will still benefit from the event’s existence.
  • All Events (including Fight for Glory) give Red Rider Shards as prizes like the PRT event. Newer-to-mid level players asked for it, and we’re happy to bring it back for everyone!
  • Successful beast attacks give 20 event points (before multipliers) - this will give new Atlas players something to attack.
  • Prize Ranks Changes (Ranks 1-19 remain the same) and ranks 20+ can be seen in this table:
Rank Event Points
20 70000
21 85000
22 110000
23 140000
24 180000
25 230000
26 290000
27 370000
28 450000
29 550000
30 650000

ONLY FOR THIS EVENT (from 5/24 2pm PST to 5/27 5pm PST):

  • Troops cost 5 farmers and 750 gold
  • Troop cost reverts back to 10 farmers and 1000 gold at 5/27 5pm
  • The discount will end earlier than the event will because we want to respect our staff’s work hours.
  • This is a BIG change to Atlas, so no promises it will return. We’re seeing how troop cost reduction will supplement the high troop demand during this event. If we like what we see, some form of this buff may come back.

:clap: :clap: Good changes. Well personally I thinks so anyway. Thanks for thinking of the smaller players. The red shards are a must and it is great to see they have been re included.


Seriously please stop, this is really stupid. Whomever the hell suggested we need Prime events back in place of gear events, please never listen to them again.

If you do this then Gear events had better have double the prizes and the ruby cost for speeding up gear had better be half


Gear crafting every 4 weeks… Thank you guys, thank you all that who wanted the primarch rider event back, now you can feel happy i believe!!

gear event is even not enough once in two weeks, can you please make it once in two weeks again, and only add the primarch rider event once in 4 weeks.

Edit: this makes something in 6 weeks but whatever let’s see how it goes
Edit number 2: i don’t know


looks good, let’s see how well it goes this time around. One question about the crafting gear event, will more prizes for points be added? with the event going down from a 2 week rotation to a 4 week rotation, many people will have many more shards per event and right now it is pretty easy to get max points let alone if we have double the shards per event.


We need more prizes for higher points in events
Other than that… I love the update.


Oh I didn’t notice the cadence change. Not sure how I feel about that.
With out breaking anything could you run 2 events side by side? Glory and Primarch training? Have separate prizes if need be.


So people were complaining about the fight for glory event because probably
1.They got castles, and being attacked to their primarchs is worse than their guards, therefore they didn’t want a reason given attackers to do this
2.They are bad at glory hunting

For either of these, increase in the event points needed to max the event out is a bad idea. The same for the attackers tough. Yes it was easy for the people who managed already how to hunt glory but this change seems to serve one-sided


I like a lot of the changes, but bringing back the prim event even rarely still means we have to hold our Prims back unfortunately. Now we it’ll actually take longer to level up prims.

I really like the troop training changes to help with that, it seems like something that would be good more often (maybe during troop training events) so that players can rebuild troops faster.


Not sure why anyone thinks these are good changes.

  • Fewer gear events so it takes even longer to level gear or you get even fewer prizes for your gear shards since you’ll need to level a lot more outside of events

  • Prime events once a month means people are now holding back their primes and riders even more than before instead of just correcting the prime leveling costs so people can level them whenever.

  • People who have maxed primes are now losing out on timers that they would have gotten from gear events and they get to just farm gold for 4 days again. How exciting

  • Glory event prizes have higher requirements with no increase in prizes

  • No increase in hospital caps so we’ll for sure need to revive outside of troop events and burn through more bullhorns/diamonds

The only positive thing Im seeing is the temporary discount on revival costs


Does this affect revives as well?

Also, if you didn’t add more prizes I’m not huge on making highest prize cost more.


As long as you max event it should not matter.

Agree on this. I’ll probably still level outside event if I’m honest, but not huge on its return

That’s a big negative. People wanted higher max points with higher prizes. Higher max points with no prizes is bad for everyone.

Same thing as gear crafting event, as long as you max it there is no big worry.
If the discount cost affects revives though that would be quite nice

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Except now you have to wait a month to get points again for leveling gear instead of 2 weeks. We need more gear events, not fewer of them

It is a big worry if you need to burn through more resources and arent getting anything extra for it. To max the event you need more glory which means to burn through more troops for the same prizes. The hospital cap is already fairly low for maxing the event. That discount will probably only be for the 1 week so that doesnt really help at all.

I already burn through enough hats reviving without atlas elite, dont need to increase the burden on resources for no gain.


Second this one!!


I think this works better :

Event 1 : fight for glory + primarch training

Event 2 : troop training + rider gear crafting

It gives depth to the atlas events with plenty of content.

This would be a fun cadence and give everyone something to do!


Revives are currently 2 hats for 1 revived troop, and fresh troops are 10 hats for 1 new troop - so from the announcement post, this insinuates a change to only new troops, but not revivals.


That means make events a week long or have glory event in the bubble period


I guess this new change will be good for free to play players to build troops :+1:

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I see, then I stand corrected, there are no positives at all. Just a whipped turd on a cupcake that they’re trying to present as frosting


But there’s a cupcake in there?