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Ok I’m sick of fighting PG on this issue im having…I recently fought all atlas season with a high ranked team. I logged on the last day and found I was teamless. I never received my team atlas prize . I know you have to be on a team for 7 days minimum to be eligible for the team prize. But if your not there on the last day of season all your hard work is taken away? This doesn’t seem fair to me at all. I did my best all season long for this high ranked team and missed just the last day. How is it I am not eligible for the team prize.

Yeah, it’s PG’s fault that you were kicked from your team.

As far as I’m concerned, your situation is intentional. If team leadership doesn’t want you to get the prize, that’s their right to kick you. Might be a jerk move but still sensical.

Now if you were teamless for another reason besides being kicked, feel free to explain that in your ticket.


I was told I would still receive the team prize from leadership. So it was definitely not intentional

Unfortunately I remember that the final atlas prize did not get released right until the next event started. This means if they planned to remove you during the no-event period they would have to wait another week. I know how frustrating it can be to miss that prize, especially considering you were on rank #2 atlas team, but I don’t think pg will give it to you. It was designed like that for a reason.


Have you tried asking your team leader/officers why you were kicked?

The team leaders were an amazing group of people definitely not a bunch of dick’s. They even went out if their way to assure me I would still receive the team atlas prize. And told me who to reach out to if I didn’t receive it. I simply got to busy with work and could no longer perform at the level required to stay in the team. Is why I got replaced.
So if there is a 7 day grace period to receive team atlas prizes my replacement didn’t get the prize…so it just vanishes :man_shrugging:. Imo it needs to go both ways if your new and didn’t do the work to deserve it I understand. That’s why there is the 7 day grace period. But if you do your best all season long and get replaced a day before the season ends you get nothing​:man_shrugging: Completely unfair umo

That’s unfortunate. Send in tickets and/or PM Gal/Timber your situation and ticket number.

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Even a noob like me also knows you need to stay till the end
I doubt you will get the prize

Thank you PG for stepping up and doing what is right yay! Special thanks to Mark and Galileo from PG👊


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