Atlas for all teams


Wanted to understand y not everybody can have atlas.

Its not fair that some teams have atlas and some not.

There r people that playing wd for lot of time and still dont have that.

Its not fun that i need to look for a team with atlas and not to stay with my team and with the pepole i want and to have atlas.

Pepole want to be with there friends or to open a new team but if u want to have atlas u need to join team with atlas and this is the only way to have it.

Hope that atlas will release to everyone very soon.


EDIT: just read through the forum thread Nat posted. It will tell you more than I can.

Altas can’t hold the entire game population, and it never will be able too.

My suggestion is if you want to be with the people you want to be with and have Altas either keep the amount of people you like to either 2 or 1 and hope that a team will accept all of you, otherwise you might be able to find a lower team with Atlas, what I mean is some teams had Atlas but most abandoned ship so now that team is in a silver or gold league, I’m not quite sure of the names, or if they still exist, but you can probably ask somebody that. But if none of the following above work you have to decide which is more important to you: friends or atlas

That’s never going to happen. PG has made it clear. In a year or two perhaps they will expand to the reminder of platinum league, or maybe just down to platinum 3 but that’s it, after that no more, they’re are done expanding.
But you can’t only be thinking of yourself some people absolutely hate Altas and they wouldn’t ever want an Altas to be released to the team, others love it, you can’t win.

This is a topic that will bring just loads of confusion. To check one which already did and that contains almost everyone opinions see this:

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Thanks. I could not remember the article title, but you found it.

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Anyone have any idea who you would ask?
Is there an identifier in game that somehow tells you if a team has atlas?

Some team descriptions say it but most sapphire and diamond teams have atlas. You could also post a recruitment thread

This is going to become a big issue in my opinion. A team that gets atlas and then drops to a less competitive league. So without knowing that they have atlas we declare war on them. We get our butts handed to us because while just looking at the team players we believe we have a fair war on our hands then we are blindsided by boosts from riders and armor that we have no access to. What we consider to be an honest war becomes a one sided slaughter due to our ignorance of their advantage. With half of plat 1 receiving atlas in the last rollout the other half is placed at a huge disadvantage let alone plat 2-3-4 where said team can drop and sandbag and receive the same rewards as plat 1. While most of this has been brought up before the one thing I haven’t heard was creating an indicator that shows whether a team has it on not. I would love to see this addressed since it does impact a decent amount of the active player base and the number of those affected will only get larger. A simple icon next to the team name would suffice.


I have to say this is irrelevant in my opinion. The toughness of a base comes down to how you built your base more so than if you have atlas gear.

I’m level 90 without atlas. Avyx is den capped. I can solo some bases that are 150-160 if they aren’t built short and strong. Even if they had a 30-50% boost to their base because of atlas, I’d still beat it.

However a well built short and strong base that is 80-85 can drop me defended with or without atlas gear.

My main has atlas. It Take quite a bit (either time or money investment) to get one piece of legendary rider gear for a defensive rider. Let alone a full set. And then to upgrade it take a lot more in terms of money or time (to get the crafting materials to upgrade).

The simple answer is PG released Atlas well before it was ready to be released in terms of pretty much everything. Even with a limited release it has been challenging with lag and other aspects.

Basically, PG was just no well prepared for what seems to be their first major release of content. Lag and other issues are why PG has been adding new teams at a very slow pace while they try to figure out how to make it work.

Maybe someday they will figure it out.

I’m one of the ones that doesn’t want atlas. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve seen posts complaining about all the bugs, and I want no part of that. I like the game how it is.

That is a lot of exceptions to such a generalized statement lol.

As the BIGGEST advocate for properly built bases, toughness of a base absolutely has to do with level, tower selection and layout.
That being said, if you compare the SAME BASE and simply add gear obtained in Atlas, the results are night and day different. You can’t go comparing a shitty base with a few pieces of scattered gear to a well crafted short strong high level tower base.

Just think of a Level 61 base with gear now being able to drop you as well because they have a full set of legendary gear because they have the same base layout as that L84 without Atlas :slight_smile:
AKA each 10% of gear you get (compounded of course), you increase the tower stats of each tower in the AOE by approximately 1 level (this varies a smidge during a few different levels but as a whole is a good general rule). AKA 60/60 is like 5 extra levels…

So lets compare the most efficiently built base that you can build at L84. It will have 9x L27 towers! That’s pretty good.
Until you realize that if you had some money and Atlas and were able to have 10x L27 effective towers at player Level 61…And then when they are L84, they will then have the same basic stats as the most efficient base you can build at L118…etc.

Seems like a no brainer to me which way i’d want to go, now we just need to help everyone in Platinum + leagues get there!


If you know what you are doing, and invest a lot you can definitely benefit from the atlas gear if you know how to build a base.

In the about 85-88 days my main has atlas I’ve gotten 4 pieces of legendary gear, 2 offense and 2 defense. I’ve only crafted during craft events and barely have enough materials to do so just being a E2P and doing gold multis on poachers and participating in events as much as possible.

It is a big time investment and has had some payout, but it isn’t just a hand out to all teams who get atlas and BOOM instant boost to bases. It is a grind. Or a hit on your wallet.

I would love to see more teams in atlas, but the servers have to be able to handle the load. The craziness when last land expansion happened was not pretty.

Lots of people know what they’re doing in base design and rider gear and as long as atlas was just Diamond no biggie. Then just Diamond and Sapphire still not really an issue. However now that it’s a percentage of platinum, even some gold, it is becoming an issue because of the mixing of teams with and without. I believe we will continue to see atlas teams dropping leagues because of the bloodbath that is the current state of plat 1. That’s where the “hope” of the next rollout is so the constant wars are exhausting. Those that now have it and are wanting to focus on atlas instead of 3-5 wars a day simply drop a league or two and sandbag while dominating the easier leagues (finishing phase two of the restructuring would be of great benefit) with no penalty. For those who are trying to climb not knowing who’s who is going to become an increasing issue. The rest of the issues have been beaten to death in regards to atlas vs non, my desire is just to identify who has what so we can make intelligent war and event choices instead of ignorant ones.


I can understand thats is a big issue but y just sapphire and diamond need to have atlas. I think that pepole who want atlas need to have the option to get it without searching a team with. I am playing for 1.5 year and i was playing atlas for a bit and like it. I think they need to ask people to write to them if they want atlas and to get that for that people. We r 3 friends that like the game and because they r in lvl 63, 74 its hard to find a team that will accept us together. Maybe they can give the option to choose if u will have it or not. I wanted to open a new team and its hard to find strong members but i ask if we can get atlas if we have a strong team and they answer that just when we will be in sapphire maybe we can get it.
Just for my opinion i think everyone that want atlas need to get it and to enjoy the game.

Btw happy to hear from u guys and thanks.

Not necessarily true about gear not with atlas seasons giving you the ability to get crafting material in exchange for gaining glory. I’ve been on an atlas team for maybe a month and have 7 pieces of legendary gear 6 or so epics and another 10 or so rare pieces. (My team also does not hold a castle or any territory yet)


Lag is the biggest issue I have found. Things like players primarchs (bases) and the XP bases do not load well. It is an issue on PGs end they have not been able to figure out.

But heck, the main game has issues like a fight lagging merely because a defender has joined the fight. Apparently PG has still not figured that one out either as they have not replied to a thread on it in almost a month.

But the issue is access to riders and construction of armor even without paying anything. Players with atlas at the same level can easily strengthen their bases and dragons in ways that cannot be done outside of Atlas.

Easy solution. Find a team with atlas, and join. Easy as that.

Not sure how that solves the problem of allowing all teams chance to get atlas.