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To the WD Developers, I am fairly new to the game, only joined late 2018… I have been reading quite a bit about Atlas training grounds, riders etc… then I had to find out that Atlas is only available for the ‘Elite’, the Sapphire teams… that seems a little unfair especially when there is probably no way in the very near or distant future that My team would be able to reach that level…I have also been told that if you want to play in Atlas you need to leave your team and try and join one of these ‘Elite’ teams… now, that sits a little bad in me as I absolutely love my team and would never abandon them for my pleasure… so having said all that, I would like to suggest something to our wonderful and talented WD Developers, coming from a software background myself, how about making Atlas accessible to the local players but perhaps instead of just giving it to us, you incorporate it in the Elite package that we purchase monthly or annually, thereby contributing to the funds needed to do upgrades or enhancements to the game?

I would love to hear any thoughts from the WD lords and ladies…

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our WD Developers and team for an absolutely super game… My Husband and I both enjoy playing it😁

Take care

Thanks in advance

There are various options to get atlas.
Number 1 answer, leave your team for a Atlas team.
Even when there is a badass leadership, that can’t build or lead a team,not much activity, and put his or her selff on place 1, still join the team, you got Atlas.
2, overtake a Atlas team, take the backpack and maybe some suckers that made the team collapse, doesn’t matter, you got Atlas.
3 find out a name from a disbanded Atlas team, and create that team again with the same name.

For me non of this 3 above will work, I know that by now.

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I would suggest that you do not need to join an “elite” team. A great many platinum teams have atlas. There are many I would not suggest are elite and that is mostly because they are pretty chill and have minimal requirements.

You may even be able to find a team willing and able to merge a dozen players into the team as long as the players are active.

As for your idea, Atlas has a team aspect just like the base game. There are approximately two events each week that provide team rewards. I do not think Zos would be willing to lease it to some players willing pony up $20 a month.

I assume when you say for those who pay for elite you actually mean the Atlas Elite which is 20 USD for 30 days.

BTW, I do agree something should be done as those without Atlas are significantly weaker on both their base and dragons. Riders with armor are not a simple small % increase to the base or dragons. It can easily multiply it by several factors. Someone my level that has never had atlas might not be able to take my base undefended.

So yes, it is an issue.

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