Atlas for New Platinum Teams


PG has now made it almost impossible to create new teams. Ive been playing for years now and finally decided to start a team with a friend. Now we worked all the way from bronze to platnium and cant progress much further without atlas. Makes it hard to recruit larger level players with “yeah you will lose atlas but we are fun” of course you cant get a straight response from PG if it will be months or years. Now im questioning to disband my team and go back to sapphire or play the waiting game. You hear people complaining about 200s 300s sitting in lower leagues. Maybe if you gave these teams atlas they could advance their team. Hard to get up into higher leagues with a few 100s and a few large level friends. Please address this issue its kind of ridiculous.

Atlas for New Team

In my opinion, this is a good thing. Not your personal situation, but in general. Recruiting has been getting incredibly difficult in higher ish leagues (from what I hear since I am not in Saph or Plat personally). Limiting the creation of new teams and encouraging teams to join existing teams is crucial. The Atlas rollouts have helped with that immensely.


Hmm, merging teams is not an easy process…

But yes, recruiting in Plat is painful…


I really do agree with this post! I strongly request PG to announce rollout of atlas for the teams who keep themselves staying in platinum without Atlas. They do need Atlas.
My team has no Atlas and there are too many teams with very high level keep declaring wars on us which is very difficult to win wars from them, but with low level players, my team could still remain in platinum league and we serverly wait for rollout of Atlas. I don’t know why this rollout hasn’t been announced yet though this is the third week of the season. It used to be announced at the beginning of season.
PG please do announce atlas for teams who don’t have Atlas yet!!!


Atlas season is 4 weeks behind normal season.
That said, please…


So your saying you would like to keep the lower players away from atlas? No sapphire team is willing to recruit the 50s-90s i have so … Im trying to teach new players the game with a few other stronger players of course we could go back to sapphire no problem but to say the lower level should be stuck without getting riders and gear and the extra timers are crazy. The reason why its hard for higher leagues to recruit is because most have crazy requirments.


People are stubborn. I see dying teams all the time with 15 players left and they REFUSE to go anywhere because “they’re a tight knit crew”…

New players want to skip the hard stuff and join P1 teams with 15 castles and level 500’s to back their every run.

I see recruiting posts that simply get tagged by trolls.

I have no idea what happened to the friendly, social, trash-talking folks I used to meet in LC and have a good chat with. They seem to be completely gone…replaced by a stream of “Hello new LC” posts and nothing more.


But plat teams are. I’m saying there are too many teams filled with inactive alts because they are unwilling to take in a low level instead. Or. People make team after team instead of joining one that needs people. Etc. I never said keep lower levels players away from Atlas.

And non-diamond team shouldn’t have insane recruitments. I’ve seen S3 and even P1 teams looking for the same or better than what my D2 team recruits.


Lol ourtl team is 50/50 100/100 my issue is no atlas makes it hard for us to recruit larger members. We have only been a team for 2 months and made it to plat 4 and could easily go up the issue is no atlas makes a stall for player progression. And one of my officers just got banned from LC for trash talking lmao.


I understand im not asking for gold teams to get atlas but me and a friend created a team about two months ago 50/50 and 100/100 and only 2 months old and we are plat 4. The issue is my lower players are struggling because the other stall teams in plat 4 have atlas which means gear riders and more timers to build for their lower players obviously our goal is sapphire but player progression is lower in my team due to not having atlas.


Believe me, brother, I get it. First, kudos. Building a team takes a lot of work. Sticking with it takes grit. I’ve lead teams that took on lives of their own.

There is a Platinum wall at about P3. That’s where you finally hit all of the teams that kinda have their act together. 50/50, 100/100, and more than a few 300-400 players for muscle. It’s going to be hard for any team to progress past P3 without several 300+ players.

And you’re right, atlas is a carrot that everybody wants. Then it’s castles. It’s harder and harder to build something that can really go toe to toe with the giants.

Think about it…let’s say you and your crew make it to P3. You have great momentum, a killer winning streak, but then all of a sudden you get declared on by 15 teams with 4 level 350+ players and after a couple losses…one of your players leave. Drops you to 49 and 20 teams declare on you. League shift comes, and you fall back a league. You spend the next several months bouncing between P4 and P3 (does this sound familiar to anybody?).

After a few months, you guys either drop a ton of money and become 300s and somehow get atlas, or you start to lose momentum and interest in the whole game. Some of your players jump ship, you find yourself with 15 alt accounts on your team and looking for a merge. You find a merge…think it will solve everything…but then have to rotate the 15 alts back in for various reasons. Now you look for another merge and another…

Soon, you reach a point where there are more strangers on your team than friends. You and your loyal crew debate starting from scratch, toughing it out, or just going to an established team to be foot soldiers and put the stress of leadership behind you (again…sound familiar to anybody?)

Sorry bro…not trying to be debbie downer…but unless you have some 300+ friends and a way to get atlas, this is probably your future.


How many spots should I make for you guys :wink:


50 spot in the same team will do :+1:


I’m generally in agreement with Red; the familiar dynamic of low plat in the past was:

  1. 3-5 jerks are unhappy with the local management. In a show of defiance against TYRANNY, they decide to STRIKE OUT and form THEIR OWN TEAM
  2. As a clear validation of their decision, they completely pwn the bronze league they start in. Wow, their incompetent old leader could never get results like these!
  3. They rocket up to the elite ranks of gold 2-5 on the first week and defeat even those gods of War Dragons. Gold leaguers flock to their banner!
  4. Two weeks in, they get to platinum. Somehow their momentum fails to sustain itself. Over the next month, people get frustrated and impatient with how this nOoB tEaM can’t seem to kEeP iT uP.
  5. Go to step 1.

Atlas has optimized this cycle, so that it now takes about 2-3 weeks before they realize they don’t actually want to do this. :+1: However, the inability to transfer castle infrastructure does act as a barrier to the consolidation and merging of struggling teams (merges being the logical alternative to recreating teams).



Edit: Sorry, I don’t know how to link properly :sweat_smile:


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We do have 300+ we have 3 at low 300s one in mid 300s im high 200s and have a few more in the mid to high 200s going p3 wont be a issue to be honest after looking through most p3 teams we could go p2 easily. Castles arnt a big deal like i said i have been playing a while have lots of friends from s3 to s1 and a few p1 teams that would back us up for castles. My only issue is without atlas its become almost impossible to continue to recruit. If i was going to leave my team i would go s2 or higher im not really looking at that option right now.


I see your position or you have teams like the one we started that just wants minimum political crap but wants to be competitive. The whole dont say that dont do that got very old in sapphire so this team was created with like minds who just wanna play the game. Ideally i see where you are coming from and along with everyone else on this thread that is more trying to convince me to merge with their team.


Good luck having no politics in bigger leagues lol. Almost impossible to avoid.


Not none just very minimal … You have teams in sapphire that have a 50 team no hit list which is outrageous… Just saying