Atlas for New Platinum Teams


Oh my, I remember that :joy: My previous team have lost about 10 players when we accidentally made it to Platinum one day and soon after, in July’18 we were forced into Atlas. They just quit and gone to Gold again just to not deal with that because Atlas was too much to wrap a mind around.


No joke, been there done that. In July, we agreed to lose a few wars to drop to Gold, and we did. Knowing what I know now, I cant say that was a smart idea, but I still think it was a good one, we just werent ready. Last rollout caught us by surprise (no doubt we would have done the same) and here we are…

On a side note, I remember promises that Atlas won’t affect the regular game. Hmmm


Sadly, that is true. Which is why recruiting without atlas is so hard.

If PG said there is no chance of us getting atlas, then so be it. But it is the not knowing which hurts.


Exactly. This limbo is killer. If we had some sort of time frame to getting it, or PG saying ‘nahhh no more’ that would be better than nothing at all.


Just figured I would show you guys this. Especially the ones saying it’s “hard to recruit no matter what”. Not having Atlas alone is a game changer to trying to recruit.


Yup and believe it or not there are in fact Gold League teams who will also decline platinum teams because they have NOT JUST ATLAS but also castles AND an alliance.

That is crippling. Not all teams will survive the exclusion and it will not be because of their own ability but because the message being sent out is that they are already not good enough. The current state of things makes sure that it is unlikely that will change


It’s been more than 2 months since @Arelyna said she didn’t know when the next rollout is planned. It’s virtually impossible to recruit and keep decent players when you don’t have the benefits of atlas.

My heart sinks when a potential recruit asks if we have atlas; because you know what is going to happen next.


I suggest that all team that reach platinum league and dont fall back to gold or worse for 1 month should get atlas. And teams that goes below platinum league for more then 1 month should lose atlas.
That way there is a balance to the game


With still no update on atlas it’s almost safe to say they (pg) don’t see it the same way as most do. Evidently they feel atlas teams competing against non atlas teams for months is fair game play. Not quite sure how anyone can agree with that, although I have seen some reply here that think it’s no problem. My team hasn’t dropped a league since we started 4 months despite having people leave to atlas teams purely for benefits my team cannot provide due to PGs lack of responsiveness to this issue.


I know that we still have not had any more information regarding this topic. Once we do, the team and I will share it with everyone.


Okay guess we will hear from y’all in another 3 months or so


So I find it funny that y’all nerfed surt within 2 months lol but this issue we still can’t even get a time frame … even though this is a fair play issue. But I see y’all were able to get those red envelopes out there so that was nice. Can’t expect in happy people to spend on your game.



You know that it is less angst to just find an Atlas team to take over and move your team there.

Yup, you said they don’t wanna start over. But starting over is easy. Ya’ll did it once before so ya’ll can do it again.


No just no. So even more imbalance? Leave it the way it is. If a team earns Atlas they should keep it whether they stay in Platinum or drop to gold. Those without can merge. There are so many teams with Atlas that aren’t even full lol.Why add more. And as someone pointed out even in Sapphire they have difficulty recruiting or keeping a team without alts.


I am not a proponent of PG in the least, and completely agree that adding teams to Atlas needs to be on the front burner for the very reason you suggested, however I think these 2 issues are very different in terms of actual process, and do not provide for a good comparison. Although my tech knowledge is limited, it strikes me that Nurt would only have required an update to the coding (after PG reviewed the community’s comments, met, and decided to completely ignore them - but I digress), whereas adding teams to Atlas (and particularly if land needs to be added) would require significantly more development time and bandwidth. Given bandwidth is already an issue, as evidenced by the lag and crashing that is the daily frustration of those with Atlas, until that is rectified (= $$$ investment by PG) I don’t see them reasonably opening it up further. Maybe if we all bought more red envelopes? jk


@AngelVonWolf I can see that but at the same point I have not seen anyone ask for a land rollout just teams to be added access to atlas which would literally take a few hours of work. If the issue is is bandwidth room for the teams the easiest fix is to remove the teams that are now low gold silver with little people to make room for the ones that have full teams and are in the higher leagues which atlas was intended for.

@Gaia1212 you know of a atlas team willing to give up 50 spots? If so I would love to know which ones. And the point is my team worked hard to get and stay where we are and we want what was earned and would like the same thing the rest of our league has. We shouldn’t have to jump thru hoops to do so. Your sapphire teams have a hard time recruiting is irrelevant do you think they a non atlas team has a even harder time then a atlas team? If you don’t think so then there’s no point to even responding because we won’t ever see eye to eye.

Truth of the matter is regardless of what the issue is with adding balance to the leagues (this includes removing gold teams) you can’t say it’s fair in gold if some teams have it and some teams don’t.


Yes just yes.

You want it fair? Be willing to take the risks that come along with the rewards. Everyone wants a hand out without and consequences these days.

If your team sucks and falls for an extended period, then you should lose access. It keeps teams motivated for longer.


As convenient as it is to try to make connections to fit conspiracy theory, those two items that you listed are both unrelated to the massive work of creating more land, individually adding teams, and increasing server size to be able to handle that kind of traffic, because even as it is right now, the servers don’t do a very good job at all of that.

  1. Surt. Surt was a big “whoopsie” by pg by letting a dragon that could 5 flame solo any base n+2 above his own tier. When you’re talking about wars, atlas currency (troops, gold, castles), this was a huge issue and needed to be fixed ASAP. The people who work on dragon balancing don’t work on atlas.

  2. red envelopes. This is an annual thing (second annual) that is use to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They did it last year (anyone remember kirin?) and they did it again this year. So, no it wasn’t a let’s introduce this new thing instead of atlas, it was more of a, it’s that time of year again.


I disagree with this narrative in every single way possible. Surt was vetted by the GPF, but then buffed to hell on purpose by PG and pushed out. The why part is a cause for endless speculation. The what and how, are not in dispute as far as I’m concerned.


Not 50 spots no, but as an atlas team, i’m more than happy to take in quite a bunch of you guys.