Atlas for New Platinum Teams


I’ve been trying that for a while. But finding someone willing to give up their team isn’t proving easy.


Yea, that’s their whoopsie, and now they are having to deal with the backlash.

As for the rollout though, I really do wish more teams could get it, but I also want their servers to improve x 10 before that happens.


Or split.

At least everyone should have access to Atlas resources whether they participated directly, or just local…


Once again I have not seen anyone ask for land just access to atlas, which shouldn’t be much work at all.

I don’t think it’s much to for a plat 2 team asking for access to atlas,


I did. Why can’t you? There are Atlas teams right now that have failed for some reason or another with only a few accounts sitting in them. I moved all my core then recruited, merged again with another team coming in. Trying everything to make it work


Who’s getting a handout? I worked hard and still doing so


Then you won’t be one of the teams that would lose your access since you wouldn’t drop down to gold for multiple weeks. So no big deal to you :slight_smile:


I’m trying lol.


I think that the idea of separating gold and platinum leagues from sapphire and diamond leagues makes sense…but obviously presents some logistical challenges. Plus, what happens when a team advances to sapphire…how would that all make sense?

(Sorry, this is a response to a question posted in a thread that was CLOSED and linked to this one)


My team and I are completely out of patience, we need Atlas. We can’t wait anymore. That’s all.


Yea they should do all leagues with atlas and separate saphire and diamond teams.from lowers leagues


Please add all of gold to Atlas. :pray:t3:


There is a larger issue. This whole Atlas thing is somewhat problematic…I think that PG must have imagined it would be more like their event, Kingdom Wars, with teams constantly battling it out and trading lands back and forth. Unfortunately, the reality is that BIG teams take over land and then sit on it…then expand…then sponsor smaller teams to take land…and they sit…and so forth.

There is shortage of land in Atlas. So adding more teams to Atlas makes THAT problem larger. Hence, I think people who already have Atlas are assuming that IF more teams are added, then either some teams need to LOSE Atlas (for having dropped down to lower leagues for X amount of time) OR there needs to be land added. Otherwise…there be too many penguins for this iceberg.


The most important thing about Atlas is allowing every available team to get access to all Atlas resources, whether they’re participating in actual Atlas map or not.

Therefore, in case that there is a land shortage, a “local” Atlas should be developed.
In local Atlas, allow primarch to get glory from PvE primarch at reduced glory rate, as well as allow them to participate in both Atlas season and events.

However, exclude them from Influence rank.
In addition, give them 1 free castle without ability to upgrade any infrastructure.

Alternative solution for PvE primarch will be “random” player primarch (matchmaking)


Honestly I have to say no to this. Gold league is about trying to get together a team that works and move onto Platinum. Most of those gold teams are under 50/50 players. Platinum should be the cut off as it is the last fully active league. Anything below Gold 1 is basically upper bronze league.


At the moment, we’re in Gold 2, and we get Gold from doing our war runs.
With current situation, it’s no longer fair to let Atlas (or ex-Atlas) players to fight non Atlas player, due to gear advantage (especially), and other stuffs…

Since literally every league from silver to D1 has been infected with Atlas, either give handicap to the one with it, or allowing them all to get access to the resources (-edit- The former sounds harder to accomplish without pleasing anyone IMO…).

Anyway, the one with main Atlas access can gain those resources at much faster rate.


WHAT part of Atlas do you require?
XP bases?
Crafting Shards?


This is not really true.

Yes there are teams who want land, but what’s the point of having a resource that everyone has?

Honestly there is more land right now than there will need to be for quite some time. The issue is that a lot teams have far too much of it and continue to expand often taking the easiest land to get. It should be a losing strategy to spread so thinly. The equivalent of building a long base of low level towers is a team full of small lands.

I think there are issues with atlas but lack of land isn’t one. Access to land may be it.

Land is getting taken a lot because of the atlas season reward being so good and the revives working in the favor of aggressors.


I’d say access to rider gear and the boatload of timers from atlas events hurt the most for teams without. No land needed for that. Invaders and atlas riders are nice to have too.

Team banks are another very useful one, but that of course required owning a castle.


I’ve recommended before that instead of splitting the game into multiple atlases for different leagues, leave it as 1 atlas with league specific access to certain territories.

Gold could access gold and higher, platinum only platimum and higher, etc etc. This way if a gold team wants to try to conquer a diamond territory so be it. But higher leagues would be prohibited from accessing lower league atlas territory.

From a coding perspective this would be much easier to implement then multiple versions of Atlas for each league.