Atlas for New Platinum Teams


I’ve seen so many recruitment threads where Platinum 2/3/4 teams have more castles than our team. A Plat 2/3/4 vs a D2 team, and the only difference being the tokens earned per day and the shard bonus. XP, Gold and troops training can all be maxed and brought to ABOVE what my team earns, and they don’t have the struggles of defending the higher level lands.

This is backwards. This is an incentive for higher level teams to take castles from lower level teams (no we haven’t done that) and flip them or keep them IMO.

Cap them at the same level as the forts. Make people have a firm stop on what they can buff up to, this will make them fight over bigger lands and actually get competitive


I have not speculated why PG has not gave the plat teams without atlas atlas yet. Experience with what??? Knowing why PG doesn’t do things???

I think your confused on what I was saying and that was meant for the ones saying “well they can’t add you yet because it’s a money issue” “ It’s a bandwidth issue that’s why they haven’t added you”… all those comments are just ideas and have no actually facts to support it so I’m not sure what kind of experience you need to help you with those comments.


I agree with this 100% which is why I have been saying its literally a few hours of work to add the plat teams that don’t have atlas to atlas. No land rollouts no special treatment just give my team atlas.

But yet here we are after asking for 3 months and still nothing from PG … not a peep.


Yet, you proffer this as a fact:

I assume, given your previous responses, that you’re not a game developer, so don’t actually have a clue how many hours of work it would take, or any other hardware or software requirements, to add the non-Atlas plat teams. So how do you support your conclusion?

I am not a game developer, nor an IT professional of any sort, however here is a fact that I provided in an earlier post on this thread:

It is also a fact that everyone who has Atlas is constantly complaining about the same thing.

These facts lead me to the following conclusion and my view on the matter:

So please stop getting mad at people offering conclusions based on facts they have witnessed, particularly as you are doing the same, but without articulating any facts.


What investment buddy? They run on AWS, they can spin up new servers or make the existing servers more powerful within minutes.
-BUT- none of us have a clue about the expansion. If the problem is computer power, or the problem is that the algorithms can’t scale to a bigger size, or if they are using resources (programmers) for other stuff and don’t want to use it for this… we have literally no clue unless PG explains the reason.
Anything from our side is conjecture


I log into the game at least 15 times a day, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes much longer, Atlas fails to load or crashes me out maybe once or twice a day. I have an OLD phone, I have super fast internet, I don’t go to Aligane either. iPhone 6+. Are you Android? Your “fact” doesn’t match mine.

I am not a game developer either, but I do work in tech/software. It is difficult for me to believe that adding the teams which are now platinum and do not have Atlas would be that difficult or stressing. If it is, that is extremely worrisome, and could be offset by taking it away from those who have fallen to gold.


I think it has to do with your graphics settings. Manually set to low, restart game, then add back each check box (eg high detail water etc). It should work fine after that.


Sorry, BigT3xas, but today’s announcement says only rolling out to Sapphire without Atlas. Sapphire appears to be the new threshold for admission going forward.


Where was the announcement?




Atlas Rollout

Moving forward, all teams in Sapphire League or above will be eligible to be added to Atlas; however, eligible teams will have to confirm that they want to receive access through communications with Pocket Gems. Any teams outside of Sapphire, regardless of League, that currently have Atlas access will maintain their access to Atlas.

Rollouts will occur prior to the beginning of every Atlas Season, and a Spring Season rollout will occur in the next few weeks for all eligible Sapphire teams. After some time, we will reevaluate whether additional teams need/want to be added to Atlas.

If you are part of a Sapphire League (or above) team that wants to request access to Atlas, we will be reaching out to your team leaders regarding your team gaining access. We are also evaluating ways to automate the process and provide an easy option for eligible teams to request access.


Oh man. I can definitely understand the logic of putting the threshold at Saphire, given the current state of Atlas. Still, I predict that OP is about to lose his mind over this. I feel for you Tex.


I’m not the OP, but I’ve lost my mind over this; and I feel seriously sorry for all the teams which might as well disband after this.


What do you want from atlas? Gear? Xp bases? Meat shields for a larger alliance?


There’s something to be said for the fact that most people I speak with don’t even bother to open the game for more than a few moments to do an ET mission when Atlas is down.


I want it to be a level playing field. The other changes they have announced doesn’t help the disparity.


I am on two teams, one Plat 3 with Atlas, one Gold 1 without Atlas. The prime benefits our Atlas team has that our Gold team doesn’t:

  1. Gear (outside of season rider lines, of course). A defensive rider with significant gear boost is essential to having a shot of stopping OP divine dragons like Pathox.
  2. Timers from Atlas events
  3. Bank for fort/feed (gold too, but this won’t be relevant for non-Atlas teams)
  4. recruiting
  5. tokens from castle infrastructure

While it is great that gear crafting is coming to main game, the inability to gain shards from Atlas events or Atlas season prize lines means the benefit will be minimal, unless you open up your wallet.

I’m not sure what we will do with our gold team - we were going to push for Plat for the next rollout, but no point now. Grateful our Plat 3 team got it last time - we’re a top 5 Plat 3 team in events, pretty solid top to bottom, but there’s no way we’d make Sapphire.

Recruiting will be especially difficult for Plat/Gold teams without Atlas.


I think by far a more beneficial thing to do would have been to go with a system that rewarded all platinum teams that maintained their standing for 5 weeks atlas and then take away atlas from teams that lose atlas for 5 weeks.

This would create a competitive environment and encourage teams to keep up rather than push once then drop back down to lower leagues and hang out there.

Overall this feels like a half measure rather than commitment to a course of action.


The playing field is definitely slanted against teams without Atlas, but I assume you that the field is nowhere near level within Atlas either.

There are, even now, battles over desirable castles between the highest ranking teams in which dozens, perhaps scores of Plat teams are are sacrificing their troops as mere fodder. Those teams experience a horrible return in terms of both glory and revivable troops and are, for the most part, comprised of players who are to small to successfully attack any of the players on the larger teams. These small teams feel obligated (if not coerced) to sacrifice their resources for the benefit of teams who’s resources vastly outstrip theirs because they fear that to not do so would alienate their most powerful allies and leave them much more vulnerable to attacks on their own castles.

More so that server loads, coding, or any of the other reasons I’ve seen posited I’d wager that the biggest obstacle to introducing more lower tier teams to Atlas is the huge imbalance of power that already exists, and the lack of feasible solutions to this scenario in it’s current state.


If by “standing” you mean within leagues, then this could actually help to bring some relevance back to wars for teams with Atlas.