Atlas for New Platinum Teams


One of my alts is on an atlas team with no castles, and gets a huge amount of benefits from it, for only a tiny bit of effort.

The most annoying thing is that I know of multiple atlas teams with less than 5 members, and no interest in merging etc.


Yeah, that’s ridiculous.


in my opinion, I feel like platinum teams are complaining about not having atlas, and then when they get it they throw tantrums about how unfair it is that they can’t compete on the same level as some of the other teams. They are coming out with new updates that will allow you guys (platinum non-atlas having teams) to experience the same benifits that atlas teams have, without putting you guys in the environment to get used as meat shields or to be walked all over.


I don’t get it. If Atlas is needed so badly, join a team that has atlas. I understand there is a reluctance to leave your teammates, but when you get right down to it, they’re just strangers on the Internet.

There are plenty of teams who already have atlas who need good recruits. You will make new friends.


Even being used as meat shields and being walked over still has its benefits. You get more xp per run, you get farmable shards, you get access to the best in game gear, you get to participate with teams you would never normally speak with, and the list goes on.


You can have all of these benefits today by joining my team. :slight_smile:


And I would agree with you, but thats not really the point. You join a team to work together and progress together. Teams that worked together and stayed in platinum did so as a team with the expectation that they would be rewarded for their efforts by getting atlas access. Now you can argue that many platinum teams have members that do not participate all that much, or that some platinum leagues are not super completive, and all that crap. With all that being said, just telling people to join a different team does not solve the issue.


Agreed. This might not be ideal for all plat teams, but there are just so many of them out there who are barely hanging in there in Plat IV because they have 10+ useless leeches for teammates.


Lots of teams work together and progress together. There are so many defunct atlas teams now because platinum was added and they crumbled under the pressure.

That’s not a nice way to talk about alts. :stuck_out_tongue:


They will be adjusting mechanics to where these plat teams will have those same benifits you mentioned without having atlas :thinking::woman_shrugging:t2:


A non atlas teams will not directly be able to achieve the things I mentioned. They will not directly be able to farm shards from an element of their choosing, they will not get access to the best gear in game, they will not get to participate with teams in other leagues. They can farm chests and get shards that way, but thats not what I was speaking of in my original post.


Which of these benefits will be coming, on an equal basis?


Gear is only thing coming over to main game currently. Not equal though, as with Atlas would be double if atlas gave 100% and regular game gave 100%.


Gear is the biggest and most tangible advantage a good atlas team has over a not-as-good or no atlas team. This includes Elite gear of course in season lines.

The other one perhaps comes close is extra rss such as goodies from season line (tokens etc), and timer from event rewards.

But these two make a huge difference for those who have Atlas and are active vs those who don’t.


Lol… seriously thats a lame band-aid approach to a sucking chest wound IMO. But better than nothing I suppose and they won’t have to buy the Atlas elite.


It’d be interesting to create an economy/ecosystem for low influence teams.

Wonder what changing NZ castles to level 0 (they hold no real castle value) and introducing level 1 castles that have the restriction that only players who do not own any castles above a level 2 can move to… this way high influence teams could not participate in fights on those castle, could not own those castles and couldn’t be put on passage or even park on a castle. One team could own a very restricted amount… say five and to own a level 1 castle you could not own more than say 7 level two.

I’d like to see the reverse happen as well. You can only go to castles that are a maximum of two levels above you. Want to step foot on a level 5, you need to own a level 3 first.

Teams could get a foot hold, develop their own alliance system, have a bunch of fun attacking castles and become more competitive rather than rely on the suffrage of higher ranked teams.


All parts of Atlas. Please do not ask this question?

If Atlas is taken back from your team and give you only one or two parts of Atlas, will you be happy? Of course not!


The point of Atlas isn’t specifically to get these things. Atlas is supposed to be an open sandbox battle dome type thing. Lower plat teams can’t even hold their own against most other plat teams. You shouldn’t get the nice benefits from atlas without assuming some level of risk (owning land).

Based on data collected from the last couple rollouts, I’m pretty sure Arelyna said plat teams have a high churn rate, often feel unable to participate/compete due to massive power discrepancies and only really want atlas for gear and xp bases. This latest update is designed to give non atlas teams a chance to get some of the nice things from atlas without assuming any risk.

I’d rather PG think of a way to limit/eliminate the interactions between high sapphire-diamond teams and platinum teams before they add more people in to the slaughter.

Edit: also the timers and clocks don’t come for free. You need to participate. There’s a lot of players on a lot of teams who don’t do anything. Leaders are more than willing to cut dead weight for active people who want to compete. If people really want atlas or something more than what they’re currently at, they can always join other teams. It might suck. But it’s an option and there’s nothing wrong with trying to find a team that fits with you better.


You tell me exactly which parts you require and exactly why you require them. (keep in mind i’m going to tell you if you are wrong)


You are not PG that can provide the part of atlas required by someone that’s why i said please do not ask this question. Our team wants atlas that’s all.