Atlas for New Platinum Teams


I’m getting the distinct impression that you have no idea what Atlas entails, and thus cannot answer the question…




Why do you think I asked you to list the items? Because I knew items were coming that may have been the items that you wanted.

You are being foul to deal with, here I am trying to gather information from players like yourself as to exactly what they want, and WHY they want it and how they feel it would improve their life. I’m a part of a group that communicated directly with the people who decide the direction of Atlas, so I’m probably your best bet to help collect the information and get your root desires to them. The more information I have, the better case I can make as to why something is critical for you folks to have.

Do you want Atlas because you want a bank? Well I can tell you that there is a 99% chance that if you want it for a bank, you will be sadly mistaken. You need to own a castle to obtain banking privileges, and that take a ton of work and dedication.

Do you want Atlas for easier XP runs? Sure, and PG is rolling out XP bases for you in main game. Oh but that isn’t good enough for you and you want bonus XP like we get for invader? You also won’t get that without owning multiple castles.

Do you want shards to get gear? Wow look at that, 2 for 2 now with asking the right questions before. You will now get access to craft gear. And what do you know, multiple ways to earn scrolls and shards are being added with hopefully more to follow!! Wouldn’t it be great if someone who was talking to the playerbase and obtaining feedback and root causes of WHY they want Atlas was able to feed stuff back?

Now what else could you want besides prizes from events? That is pretty much the only thing you are missing (plus seasonal riders etc) and now that is going to take effort to get.

So I ask you again.


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I have Atlas, and I am on a Platinum team. When we started in Atlas, we lived in the neutral zone. We got some extra speedups from events, which was nice - although it wasn’t game changing. We built troops non stop for a couple months, and nothing really changed much from the days of no Atlas, besides better XP base and the speedups. We didn’t just magically get all kinds of perks by having Atlas access. Castle ownership (namely MULTIPLE castle ownership) is where we got xp boosts, daily tokens, gold and shard boosts, etc… aside from that, we got invader and the ability to craft gear. We lost long term teammates. There was a lot of aggravation and conflict for the first several months. It was quite a transition, and I don’t believe most Plat teams would fare any better. I’m obviously biased, but I would imagine most would fare a lot worse. It took a long time to acquire castles and level infrastructure to the point where we were even marginally better off than we were prior to Atlas…

For a long time, we were literally nothing more than a resource tax on the system. We didn’t provide any benefit to the Atlas ecosystem whatsoever; all we did was add to the perpetual lag. Again, I may be biased, but I highly doubt many plat teams would be any more than a drain on the already shaky Atlas resources/functionality. Now that efforts are being made to give non atlas teams access to what is nearly equivalent to Atlas in the neutral zone, I really don’t see an upside game-wide for rolling out more access to teams that likely won’t be able to actually utilize it to a meaningful degree. If Atlas ran smooth, glitch free, and could support the addition of significantly more teams, I wouldn’t be against it - but in it’s current state, I really don’t think it would be a good thing, and I really don’t think most plat teams are missing out on a whole lot.


Your post deserves a golden frame!

I can totally relate to that, when my team got Atlas a year ago, we went through the same scenario you described.


You know, it’s funny.

I was one of the biggest advocates for Atlas for Platinum teams. I’m on the fence now with the latest additions to the main game from PG (XP bases and gear crafting in the main game).

My team’s intro to Atlas experience was almost identical to JustSuperman’s above.

If PG made it possible to reliably farm shards and scrolls in the main game, maybe special drops from the new Xp bases - hint, hint, and removed the daily egg tokens and egg tokens from the seasonal lines from Atlas (I know the outcry from Sapp+ would be immense over that though) and strictly limited earnings and drops in Atlas to Atlas specific items (troops, shards, scrolls, gold, etc), I’d be almost perfectly fine with PG yanking Atlas from everyone Platinum and below.

However, I would think a new Sapphire league should be added above Platinum, a fairly large one, and 4 weeks advance notice given to the playerbase. To obtain/remain in Atlas, you either move into Sapphire league (including the newly created Sapphire league), by that deadline, or you lose Atlas. Any teams newly promoted to Sapphire would automatically gain access to Atlas, and any teams that drop out of Sapphire, lose Atlas after 14 days.

Sounds like a win win. But, that new Sapphire league would need to be large, at least twice the size of Platinum 1-2 combined. Could even give an option to be promoted or remain in Platinum, possibly an Atlas Yes/No checkbox in team settings, that prevents your team from moving above Platinum.


Read all posts you will get your answer!


Through the process of attrition, Atlas teams disbanding and not enough new sap teams to compensate, Atlas lag will slowly get better.

As for those who insist that teams “contribute” to Atlas, the actions that “contribute” to Atlas actually creates lag. Atlas needs more chillaxing teams. Just my opinion … we should “contribute” by not wearing down the server.


I would like to know your thoughts on adding shards to current atlas members by giving non atlas some.

I before said in my options 100% to 1…% is more but it’s actually more than that. Elite gear from atlas, if non atlas shards make it easier for atlas to lvl their elite the help of giving gear to non atlas is lost? Are y’all thinking about how to give non atlas shards, but not influx current atlas?

Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread

Gear is cheap to obtain an average buff size (~40% ish)
Gear gets exponentially more expensive to get on a shards/HP or shards/Attack basis
Gear has a hard cap on it’s potential, and elite gear is more rare to come across as a whole and only offers a very slightly better than average buff vs legendary

By offering shards to all players, the gap in buff % will decrease
By offering shards that can be selectively obtained (think instead of tokens per day you could be offered shards per day or something like that) I think this gap can also be decreased depending on the offering style/amounts

I think that it’s the correct move to offer shards and scrolls and gear crafting to the main game, as long as the shard obtained are of a reasonable amount for basic play and isn’t only 5% of what Atlas is offered.


This we :crossed_fingers::pray::crossed_fingers::pray:

Offering style is interesting

Taking Orca’s notes from that proposal I see 838,400 shards to get legendary set each season.

Currently rare gear lvl 1 from seasons is 12.8/12.8
Average current atlas is 72/72? I just chose lvl 6 elite.
Difference of 59.2/59.2

838,400 shards is 82% total primary and 100% secondary, then add current atlas amounts for max elite 100/100
Lvl 1 legendary is 33.2/35.9
Difference of 66.8/64.1

That is more, a little more, but more, not less. Agree now the atlas is capped where non can still upgrade, but then we can go into multiple sets for atlas.

See where I’m going with it? If overlooked it could be a problem?

Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread

Take a look at my post here for gear upgrades.

For each gear piece level, you get a set % buff. It’s cheap at first to do you upgrades, it’s expensive near the end.
AKA you can get from L1 -> L2 on all gear pieces for only 360k primary shards and 288k secondary. This brings you from a buff of 35.9/33.2 to 40.8/38.4, an increase of 4.9/5.2 (attack/def).
The last upgrades are the most costly, and will cost you 1.54M primary shards and 1.23M secondary shards for guess what, the same 4.9/5.2% buffs!!! This is 420% between the first and last levels.

So it’s much much harder (over 400% harder) for the people near the top of the range to upgrade to max, where it’s easier for the people with lower level gear to catch up


What do you believe the point of atlas is? In my mind the entire point of atlas is to get things, actually the entire point of the game is to get stuff. Some lower sapphire teams can’t hold their own against higher sapphire teams…so what? Just because a team can’t beat another team head on means they can not get atlas? When you mention land, are you saying teams that don’t have land shouldn’t have atlas because they are getting benefits without risk? So from your point of view, teams that get attacked and lose all their land should be removed from atlas? Your points that follow this paragraph contains stuff I agree with, but Im not understanding whatever point you are trying to make in this paragraph.
I would agree that at this point, new teams should not be added to atlas due to the many issues atlas currently experiences. However, they shouldn’t be held out forever.


I said it in my second sentence. But just in case you weren’t sure, it’s not supposed to be a “here’s free things.” It’s a “work hard and coordinate with your teammates and other teams to get some good rewards.” You can’t just get Atlas and automatically expect to start getting 1k extra tokens a day or 60 days in timers every week. That’s not how it works. And a lot of teams, specifically plat teams are unable to or unwilling to work for the benefits Atlas offers.

Yes but some teams in P4 literally have 40 members and half of them are low activity. They have 1 level 300+ who has emerald dragons and level 43 ballistas. It’s a very different type of unable to compete.

I’m saying teams who have no land should not have the same bonuses as those who do. They arguably shouldn’t be in Atlas at all, which goes back to the problem where Plat teams are unable to participate properly in the open world that is Atlas.

Take it back. This is a war game, not a “they took my stuff” game. The entire point of Atlas is to take land from others.

Absolutely. This was my entire point. It sucks for those who were hoping to gain access, but it’s really not as cheery as it seems. I’d like the problems to be addressed before we throw more teams into an environment where they get annihilated. Teams have disbanded due to what happens in Atlas. Plat teams asked for Atlas, they got Atlas, now they don’t like it because it’s too hard, so what’s PG really supposed to do here?


I think we actually agree on most of this :joy:. Thank you for clarifying. Just because you have atlas does not mention you get all the benefits that a team with castles gets, like you mentioned.

Edit- In my experience, my former team loved atlas when it was introduced because we were able to achieve it as a team. Sure it was a learning curve, but I do not think it should be assumed that most platinum teams dislike atlas.


I was looking there, that’s where I got my numbers for above calc.


I took this to mean 212K primary for last epic upgrade. And 1.026M for total epic?

That’s almost half of another season worth of Orcas hopes for non-atlas, just to get 4.9/5.2 (per piece so x8? It’s dinner time so I’m distracted but I see 2.2 just for shield)

My above was full set of legend vs one piece of epic so there is a difference there I didn’t calc.

But with hopes of Orca none atlas gets around 10/13 (rare1 to legend1) in one season, then 4.9/5.2 the next? While atlas gets current increase plus 838K main divide by 8 so it’s per piece which comes out to?


Assuming people have a full 8 piece ELITE (not epic) set is dumb.

Assume they have legendary. The overwhelming majority may have 2 elite pieces on one set of gear, a few will have 4, and even less will have a full set.


It is possible to love or desire Atlas qua Atlas.

I can attest to all of the negatives mentioned so far, but I loved Atlas from day 1, homeless and level 48.

My team washed up on different shores of a new world, had to reunite and explore the land, found players of every league and level to gawk at and get killed by. Our little circle expanded with 50 new friends, later hundreds as our alliance grew.

The initial rewards are simple, neither miserable nor too good for landless scrubs. Those who play are able to build toward greater ones. (Invaders, gear, riders, timers – PG’s steps are good, but will not eliminate the Atlas advantage on any of these grounds.)

Atlas is PvP on tap 24x7, played solo or with 50 other teams, different at every scope and less limited than core game events. It rewards speed and knowledge and a bit of ruthlessness. At the large scale it takes planning, effort, and coordination. Politics adds another dimension, which I’m not sure we could call healthy today, but it’s still gameplay and probably somebody’s jam.

With more to do and learn and risk, Atlas is a bigger, more exciting game. It rewards the effort you put into it and even adds little joys to the core game. :eagle:

That’s not to say PG can or should give everyone Atlas. But there’s a whole there that no porting of parts will easily replace.


This would have happened to my alt team if they didn’t have myself and another to guide them through transition AND land grab. I even got them a level 3 and some friendly neighbours. So yes agree having land is really important.