Atlas for New Platinum Teams


Certainly those with a full set won’t be competing with the majority of the player base anyway…


Unfortunately lots of players with atlas have terrible gear so that’s a gross overestimate. Also, elite gear is pretty hard to get for the average player. I’m not a Tinsir or a Mech and I can finish 3-4 lines each atlas season. There are 11 lines including the rider. Elite gear doesn’t fall from the sky :joy: most are lucky to finish a line for defense and a line for offense. Getting shards to level it is a whole nother story.

Yes but you can’t craft elite gear. Putting shards in main game won’t give everyone with atlas elite gear with ease. And if we’re gonna assume 838400 shards per season, that’s enough to upgrade one piece of legendary gear to like level 7. Crafting the gear is cheaper in total cost, and more cost effective relative to shards spent per health and attack increase. Y’all are winning here.


I think being in a strong team where the strong bases are further highlighted (due to successful defenses, etc.) may skew perspectives on how common decent gear is. Among the people in plat with Atlas and defense gear (yeah, not everyone has it) I’d say a general average would be one or two legendary pieces, with the rest being epic or with a few rares.

Average buff might be 30-40%.

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Think it’s a bit underestimation…
During my time in Atlas (12 weeks), I can get about 1 full set of Legendary Gear (granted that it’s not really full set, but it’s more than 8 Legendary in total).
no Atlas elite…


Yeah, but you know how important defensive gear is. Lots of people put their focus on offensive gear instead in platinum.


Not me! My dragon with defensive gear on Tanok half my base lol


I second that, if non Atlas players get enough scrolls and shards to craft a legendary level 1 set, it can make a difference to them, even if I could get my from 9 to 10 witht the additional shards, the overall delta gets smaller.


And hence the largest disadvantage to the teams without Atlas. We just lost a long time officer who was part of the backbone of our team to a Plat 2 team with Atlas. She wrote a heartfelt farewell, but said she needed to leave to progress.

The changes coming re gear and xp bases are not enough.

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I agree TashaxPBx.

Our team has been around quite awhile, and have been fighting our way back up the ranks… after previous leadership screwed the team over with an ill advised merger (that failed) and dropped us from Sapphire to Gold 4… naturally just before Atlas was released.
From Gold 4, we have been running into teams with access to Atlas who without question had the advantage… and its the same issue in Platinum.

It is virtually impossible to recruit higher level players unless you have Atlas access, let alone keep them for long.

EVERY week i max out my messages recruiting, and it is a constant struggle… players are getting frustrated being in Plat, and not getting Atlas… to the point where we are beginning to lose players from the game itself…
…not to other teams, but they are quitting the game itself due to the frustration of busting our butts to move our team forward, and not being allowed to do so.
The playing field is NOT level by any means… and PG is losing paying customers.

To help open things up a little… if a team drops to Gold, and after 6 weeks doesn’t make it back to Plat, remove their Atlas access.
If a Plat, Sapphire, etc. team becomes inactive or low activity… remove their access.
Then pass it to a Platinum team who WILL be overjoyed to get their butts kicked in Atlas and slowly advance like other teams are able to do.

The waiting game is getting very, very old… and while the proposed additions to the regular game may help alleviate some of the issues, its still like trying to cover a bullet wound with a band-aid… it simply doesn’t stop the bleeding.

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I think it will be sufficient for some, but certainly not all, as there are a plethora of players, of all levels, who want absolutely nothing to do with the Atlas environment, they just want the gear and XP. I know this because I was on a team who got Atlas in one of the rollouts. Maybe 10 of the 50 actually made a go of it. The reasons are the extra time commitment, learning curve, politics, exponential increase in crashing, the list goes on.

I most certainly have sympathy for those teams who are 50 strong with members who really do want to put in the extra effort to unlock the full potential of Atlas, only to receive the message from PG that, unless they manage to get up to saph, it ain’t gonna happen. However, I doubt that there are very many of those teams around, and those that do exist probably have what it takes anyway to get to saph notwithstanding they will be disadvantaged in their journey.

I also would not be in favour of removing teams from Atlas just because they have fallen in rankings, though I would, however, be in favour of removing teams that have gone inactive. This, however, wouldn’t directly assist the mechanic to be used to decide who gets in, it would only provide a little more space. The mechanic needs to be an objective one - PG has now drawn the line at saph, I would surmise after thinking about it and coming to the conclusion that lowering the requirement to plat would not be effective.

Given PG makes the law, and it is not subject to appeal, nor does it appear that there will be any further rollout on the horizon, the unfortunate reality is everyone needs to stop b*tching about it and begin strategizing - make the commitment to rise to saph together, try to find a low activity team with Atlas to move into, merge your top guns with an Atlas team, go your separate ways and disburse into teams with Atlas (and hit each other for glory!). Sorry, but that’s the reality.


Texas just a heads up once your team gets atlas they can’t lose it hence teams in gold n bronze with it… they didn’t feel like being a serious team. N sticking in plat sapphire diamond leagues. Daily wars to hang out… maybe they wanted a more care free game experience but with the atlas perks… also if it’s such a big deal then find a team with it. If you want your team and just to have atlas and keep all 50 current memebrs do what I have done twice on main and alt. Go to forums and search for a dead atlas team… they may be bronze or gold league but have 1-5 players left who aren’t active either… you can message the leader and ask to take over the team. Get invited get promoted to leader and invite your old team (all 50 of you get atlas… and no waiting on a roll out) simple and easy maybe not quick… but faster then complaining and waiting for something you wont get from pg… its sapphire and up now only so deal with it and adjust accordingly.


Matter of fact hit up ferociousfluff in game send a pm. Just took over an atlas team has 5 members was looking for 45… new ppl kick your alt and join him


Thanks for helping to spread the word, D3athly! We actually have xIndoFighterx filled for now and starting to climb back up to Platinum, but like any good team we are always recruiting on some level, so folks who want Atlas should definitely drop us a line. Just don’t ask for spots for 44 of your closest friends!

e: on topic, finding and taking a retired atlas team can really work if you persist!


Lol sorry and thanx. But hey big tex I’ve done n seen it done so don’t fret taking over a team for your whole team n gettig atlas without roll out is possible

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