Atlas for New Platinum Teams


What level are you? I can talk with my leader and possibly get you a spot on our Platinum team.
We have atlas and are moving towards Sapphire but I do agree that all teams should have the capability to earn Atlas. It shouldn’t only be available to the lucky few.


Im a 260 but not looking for a team im leader of mine and happy woth my team just want to get atlas soon.


To give you an idea it took me 3 months to get Atlas. Gold V to Platinum IV


Makes sense. Now that you’re Plat IV, do you feel you would be in gold for 5 weeks without ever returning?


How so? Are you asking if my team is struggling? We are doing great always in top 15 in events so no complaints with Plat 4.

Or did you mean something else?
Are you asking about the barrier or mmr to get from Gold to Platinum IV?
I’m satisfied with the progression from gold to plat 4 ,but it may be difficult to get from Plat III - Sapphire IV/III S-III


There is no Sapphire IV league :eyes: Lowest is Saph III


Mostly asking based on my previous comment about my opinion teams should lose atlas/castles if they are move to Gold or below for a straight 5 weeks. Thus, since you’re in the plat league, curious if you felt that was a reasonable or not.


This is from the perspective of a sub100 player.
Yes I feel it’s fair.
The teams I was on before only stayed in gold because they:

  1. Where afraid to move up to higher leagues making it harder
  2. Lack of activity.

Otherwise I don’t see how it could be remotely hard to progress out of Gold with minimal effort assuming they have very active team.
If they don’t have very active team that’s easily cured by recruiting more serious players.

So if you are advocating for Atlas to be available only to Platinum and above I 100% agree.

I will add that I don’t think they should be punished for x amount of time for losing rank. I feel losing Atlas until they climb back to plat is punishment enough.
I feel there are many factors making tier progression unbalanced, for example an unlucky team could be placed against several P2W teams in events effectively making them drop into the Gold hell for 5 weeks. For that alone I’m against the 5 week progression wall.

And yeah I wasn’t sure if Sapphire had V and IV or not so I put IV/III.


But once you drop to gold once, isn’t it easier to go back the next week, or even second week? I was mostly suggesting five straight weeks of sub-plat.

And Sapphire has 3 sub leagues.


Ok that seems fair, as long as plat and above equally end up getting access to Atlas eventually.

What is going to be the requirements for getting atlas? Will it be rolled out to all teams in plat+? Or will it still be random?


As I read all this above, a shame I renewed my elite account, should known better as I hoped to get atlas as gold team, so my somnus and nal become more strong with more legendary atlas gear.


All teams should have access to Atlas since it has a huge impact on the core game. However, Atlas lag would be epic.


I strongly disagree- I think Atlas would be too much for new players trying to get a grasp on wars, events, and general gameplay. .


Lol it took the my team that we created in oct so 3 months to go from start in bronze … Whatever to plat 3 gold teams shouldnt have access to atlas. Platnium should be the cutoff. Too many teams in gold that never make it. Ive seen gold 2 teams with 3 people in it and the team been together for 6 months.


Well I think, and uhmmmm I hope I am not having it at the right end, if this not get rolled out to also teams in gold that deserve it, players like me that are guiding new players in the game so they stick around, will leave and never return again.


If you dont mind me asking what level are you?


Seems many people in the same situation don’t have much of a problem getting to plat in 3 months. I still think atlas, as it is, is too overwhelming for gold and below. If they created a bunny hills type version, maybe.


All teams should get some parts of Atlas, I agree. Some sort of “Atlas Lite” environment with access to an invader base for easy xp, a “level zero” bank with a really low rss cap so that fort/feed becomes incrementally easier, opening up the forge for gear crafting and some neutral zones for beasts/shards would be a huge quality of life improvement.

But most gold players would be overwhelmed by glory, troop building, etc.


Atlas isn’t all or nothing. Teams can make what they want out of it, dive on in or soak their toes.

As for the concern with Atlas being rolled out to new inactive teams, let team activity be a trigger point for Atlas access. 50% activity for example.


I agree with Red, think Atlas needs to stay where it is. There is a big learning curve.

And @BIGT3XAS just cause you worked 3 months on a new team doesn’t give you passage to Atlas, some of us worked hard to get and waited for roll out just like the next group needs to.