Atlas for New Platinum Teams


IMO Atlas is a separate game. I think if you can stay in plat 4 for x amount of weeks you get it, but it needs a better tutorial.


I don’t mind the cutoff being play, but also having some sort of automatic enrollment and removal based on that gold/plat line


Agreed there should be regular scheduled roll-outs for Atlas in platinum. My mini’s team has been in platinum for a while now, and it’s annoying to have to fight atlas teams all that time without access, and worse, without any idea how long the wait will be.

A regular rollout every month would be great. Even just one guaranteed every season would be something, that’s a long wait, but at least you’d know when it would finally be coming.


I agree with the implementation to remove atlas access if stayed sub plat for over 5 weeks, but what would happen to things like the castles owned and the infrastructures built if this was to happen anyways.

Only IF they were going to remove atlas access to team that aren’t platinum like Red suggested. I don’t even want to think about the amount of lag and problems this would bring about in addition to what we are already facing in Atlas. :roll_eyes:
Once a season seems more reasonable I think. :man_shrugging:


Atlas roll out for new teams would be fine. With some criteria as holding in Plat for X time, with high activity and almost no one leaving the team. Another point on the pgs long list though


You are better off without Atlas… Save your money for something less expensive…like a house or a Lamborghini.


Well the atlas season ends in couple days. Maybe if you’re in plat you’ll be added. Who knows.


Unfortunately, Atlas is required for less expensive progress.


Yeah, that’s the most annoying part. Having to wait is one thing, but having no idea if they’ll ever give any team atlas again, and if so which ones and when, that’s aggravating.


I am a lvl 214 breeding almost emerald, and putting 14 hours a day in new players.


Can you imagine the coding nightmare? The removal of Atlas access and reinstatement of said teams, can PG pull that off without a glitch-fest?


I think they don’t have to code anything special for that. If a team loses atlas access, they can’t pay upkeep, and they will lose their castles automatically.


I’m thinking of something like Atlas init phase.

During this phase a team holds one and only one castle (closed map model).
Instead of influence, it uses static multi (e.g. 80%) for glory.

There are 3 kinds of runs.

  1. Random encounter runs
  2. Castle raid runs (activated until the rival’s castle is bubbled)
  3. Invader runs (mine, beasts)

Players can do Atlas events and seasons in this phase. However, no team prize for events.

Give restriction on how many team can move from init phase to main phase (current Atlas).
The only requirement to move from main phase to init phase is have no castle (have 24h cooldown to prevent abuse).

Also, glory, troops, primarch built in init phase are kept when moving to main phase.

In this case, roll the access to init phase to all teams


Infra put in storage and blackoods take it.


Nooo!!! No Red no!!!

Fix the existing glitches first before adding new code. The foundation is tottering, don’t add more crap to it. :face_with_monocle:


@SuzzQ i never said my 3 months should get me atlas i said my plat 3 team that will be plat 2 before they roll it out should have atlas. That away my lower members can be competitive in their league. If you dont see that im sorry but almost all plat 3 /plat 2 teams have atlas which means the teams we war will have riders on perch with gear making their base and attack power higher etc. Has nothing to do with 3 months it has to do with what league we are in. And btw how long did you not have atlas while the rest of your league did???


That code exists though? Like literally that’s already in place - it’s the same one as not paying upkeep. :face_with_monocle:


You of all players don’t need to be reminded that nothing is glitch free with PG

What ensures that an active +Plat team doesn’t get kicked in error? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Because in that case the team technically disbanded. That’s their fault. In what I’m suggesting, the team would still exist :woman_shrugging:


Can PG give a 100% guarantee that a team won’t lose Atlas in error? If no, are you willing to take a chance of losing Atlas and all your castles?

I doubt PG would be able to give back your lost castles or provide adequate/timely compensation. Recall the issues that Session had and how long it took to be resolved?