Atlas for New Platinum Teams


You got a good point. They already accidentally ban the wrong ppl. Imagine losing years of atlas progression over a mistake on their end. I wouldn’t risk it.


If they won’t take it away, then I agree with Minimal and random rollouts. Or better yet, only get Atlas after 8 straight weeks in Plat


Without those of us willing to create new teams and teach new players how to play this game there will be no game for anyone. Recruiting sucks because there are no new players entering the game and staying past level 20 ish. And the game is flooded with Alts. No one wants to “Teach” newbies. No wonder this game will be bankrupt by Summer.


No worries this game will be bankrupt by Summer 2019. This isn’t sustainable. And we all know it.


??? No the issue is that instead of filling already made teams everyone and their mother is creating new teams. Why do U think there’s an OVERFLOW of teams in gold and below??? It isn’t because people aren’t willing to go and help new players it’s because too many people are creating teams instead of filling already existing ones.


And a good solution to this problem is having some requirement before you can create your own team. Have to be x level, have to have x amount of game experience, have to be on an already existing team for x amount of time. There needs to be some way to STOP the creation of more teams that are gonna remain inactive by newly joined players, and get new players to fill in already existing teams.


That’s a small portion of gold and below teams, actually. Yay on you (for focusing on helping newbies), but it’s not that hard to get out of gold (for people trying). Hell, when I have time, I’ll start a team and see how long it takes me to get to Plat using no alts. I 100% agree with what @Bayn said.


It is true there is too many teams and they are too easy to create.


There are a ton of existing teams in Platinum and Gold who spend a lot of time teaching new players, the way you phrased that is like you are the only one willing to teach new players. Hate to burst your bubble but I can name several teams if you like more then willing to help newbies.

Creating more teams is not the answer, it just adds to the existing problem.


What? To clarify, the situation was such that the activity of the team was debatable, which is why the lone member of the team was kicked AND team subsequently disbanded, with Atlas supposedly lost as a result. The second link is irrelevant to your argument. I’ve never heard of an entire team not having their activity log, and the team disbanded with Atlas lost as a result. Active teams right now only lose Atlas in special circumstances, such as a large number of cheaters (there’s a prominent diamond example)

How so? Atlas has been released to Plat and up; not releasing it to gold, where many are still active players, places a limiter on their growth by comparison. How is that fair? Right now, there are people who head to gold for a less stressful playing environment. It doesn’t mean that they’re total noobs about the game. Why not give them a choice, instead of restricting it from them? Teams that have hit plat for rollouts and dropped back into gold have worked for their Atlas access. Plat teams that have undergone merges have also worked for that access, and if they decide to give the team away, that’s their choice.

If you want to fix this or whatever, just roll it out to Gold, where there are still teams and young players trying to overcome the progression block that not having Atlas has become.


I guess nothing wrong, IF your definition of “less stressful” includes Atlas :wink:


The only stressful bit of Atlas is…castle/diplomatic management. If these gold players can’t hold/take castles, why would they be stressed doing invader runs, running PvP hits on castles/NML, or participating in the events? :woman_cartwheeling:


When u find a way for 400+ gold teams to merge into atlas + the remaining bit of platinum teams, let me know. Cause idk about you, but I don’t see why letting a whole league with a shit ton of teams who aren’t even 50/50 is even worth it. Just seems like more lag for the rest of us, shit ton of prims in NZ, and how are incomplete teams supposed to hold castles? They would get destroyed. Sure, maybe there are a bit of gold teams who work hard, my suggestion to them is go to plat. Don’t sit around in gold growing, go to plat. I wouldnt recommend using Gold as the place to be competitive and “thrive” . I am happy it hasn’t been released to gold, and I hope that they stop it at plat. The reason for this is, I would rather have leagues up to gold focusing on how to just play the basics of the game. (Events, base building, dragons, etc) and then if they decide this is the game they want to play, and have a solidified team, then the team needs to move up to plat, where they would then be introduced to atlas as a “okay you learned that, now add this onto what you know, and learn this” after being in plat for x amount of time.


So. I get that releasing Atlas to the…few thousand inactive gold teams may not sit well with some, but what’s the issue with letting existing gold atlas teams keep their access?

And really the only issue I see with everything else is the fact that PG servers can’t handle the load. So what if there are a shit ton of primes in NZ? And they don’t need to hold castles; having Atlas is already a benefit.

I used to think gold teams didn’t need Atlas, maybe not even platinum, but then I got Atlas. I’d say it’s become pretty essential to competitive gameplay and an enjoyable game when everyone else has it. Hundreds of 1h timers a week. Gear. XP. Atlas has become a part of the game. Why restrict it from some? Let them have a choice to do what they please, no?

It’s like saying ‘only diamond players have demonstrated that they have the time, money, and ability to play this new game mode that gives you the option to get thousands of timers extra if you work for it.’ Who’s anyone to judge what other players are capable of?


I’m not saying for all. I’m thinking for the newer players who are still trying to grasp the basics of the game accurately. I’ve said multiple times that I’d like to see a version of atlas for all players below Plat that’s just a castle (level 1 Bank), a mine, and a beast (poacher). Nothing else. This would not overwhelm the newbies and give the basic benefits.


I can support that.

I can’t support earned Atlas access being taken away.


So say a team is in Plat for one week, the week of a rollout, and then have two people in bronze for the next 5 months. You don’t think they should remove that and give atlas to the people who have stayed in plat instead?


What would be the reason for Atlas removal? Scarcity of resources (Atlas servers/load) or merit?


Why can’t both ex-plat teams retain atlas access and new plat teams receive atlas access? Also, your example is overly exaggerated. Think a team that loses players to a merge, or a mutiny, or whatever situation that isn’t necessarily their fault or under their control. They won’t be able to stay in platinum, but does that mean they deserve Atlas access revoked, team glory, infra, and castles erased?


In a general sense majority of inactivity teams have their own natural loss of benefits. I’m not sure why the demand that those teams suddenly have atlas revoked.

-teams that can’t keep castles normally have them stolen
-teams that lose members eventually become so inactive they disband

Not sure where the fire is. Is someone upset that they cannot steal a castle off an inactive team or that someone has a prim in NZ that never moves and this is the source of all our atlas issues? Maybe I’m mistaken but last time one of my accounts moved to a non atlas team my prim was still in the NZ I left it in last time I did come back. No atlas access and still there!

If Platinum teams without atlas demonstrated as much as other atlas platinum teams actually got atlas without having to wait for chance or 3/4 months to actually obtain it there might not be so much suggestive bargaining. I frankly think some of those suggestions are ridiculous (Just as many will think mine are too of course).The idea that taking something away from teams who have been able to hold their own in hope that PG will actually roll atlas out to more platinum teams seems a bit desperate to me. Platinum teams should have access and they shouldn’t have to wait so long for it or wonder if they are going to be included in the next roll out.

We have a 3 team family now, two of those are based on reviving died and washed out atlas teams that went inactive because yes it does happen. If those teams are not revived they simply cease to exist. Teams we acquired had previously lost their castles and even members before we came along. We took over, recruited and gave them new life. Training out new players up in atlas without a castle so they can survive when they migrate to another one of our teams is the best thing that has happened to us. Player retention is high and learning curves are fast. The time taken to catch back up to platinum so far has been phenomenal compared to starting a new team - all because of atlas.

If atlas access for PLATINUM TEAMS was MORE EQUAL and intake less mysterious we wouldn’t be talking about this in the first place. Why is this still an issue and why hasn’t it been dealt with yet? Why does access for Platinum teams remain so unequal for so long, creating reason for it to be such an ongoing hot topic?