Atlas for New Platinum Teams


If teams in Gold want to sit there cause it is respite let them, but why can’t some Gold team and I know there are not motivate to Platinum. It is to easy sitting in a team you can beat the competition and not really be competitive.

If Gold wants Atlas let them work to move to Platinum, and if someone wants to relax in Gold so be it but why should they have Altas when the Gold team can’t be bothered to move up?


It isn’t as easy to break into plat 4 with a gold-standard team as you seem to think. They should retain Atlas, because at some point in the past, the team earned it. It also gives gold leaguers a choice to move to these gold Atlas teams while they grow, for better progress, when they are still too small to join plat teams.

Again, Atlas is part of the main game now, not an addendum. Why would you limit it to only the teams who ‘work hard’?


It is easy to break into Platinum 4 if a team is ready for it and willing to work for it. Why should any team keep a benefit just cause they could break into it hold it a week and drop back. That seems to me a really good way to abuse the right of having Atlas. So I think they should maintain it for x amount of time and/or work their way back up. There are to many teams in Gold not wanting Atlas, Not wanting to move up, or even being active for that fact.


When I have time I’m gonna make a new team not tied to my name at all and with no known alts. I think it’s a lot easier to get into Platinum and at least bounce back and forth into it.

Also, I’ll state again atlas is intimidating. Most people can’t handle the main game accurately, let alone atlas. If it means more real platinum teams get atlas regularly, fuck yes take atlas away from teams that haven’t touched platinum in 5 weeks or more.

Letting teams keep it in Gold and below is a massive mistake in my opinion. Want it? Earn it and keep earning it.


I agree with all of this, but I can’t understand why to remove access? To prevent sandbagging in gold?

Edit: already answered. Thanks


I think that long term it really depends on the growth or lack of growth of the game.
If it grows, maybe gold is the new Plat and needs to be expanded to it.
If continues to decline, Plat will become the new gold and the line should be marked between Plat and Saph.
Makes sense to put boundaries.



People complain (rightfully) about massive players being in gold. Want to solve that? Make it not the easiest thing in the world. Easier PvP scores, atlas, but maybe not as many egg tokens?

I hate sandbaggers.

If you want to help, fine. If you want to start a new team, fine. But you shouldn’t reap the same benefits .


I’m in a P1 team now, but before I was in a P3/P4, and before of that in a P4 team. I think that 5 weeks is safe enough, if you “belong” to Plat by activity, should be back in no more than 2 weeks.


Atlas is an open sandbox. Quite hard to sandbag in Atlas when there are no leagues; a single 500 and 49 50s wouldn’t exactly be able to hold a castle. So they wouldn’t exactly have any castles to get bonuses off anyway.

If you’re saying that just having the same Atlas access as everyone else who’s competitive already has is a visible benefit to sandbaggers; maybe rewards in the maingame should be increased. And maybe Atlas should be released to all of gold, silver, and bronze, because limiting Atlas access to spite the sandbaggers also hurts small players who can’t get into platinum yet.


YEAH - let’s give it to everyone in the game. I’m sure that wouldn’t negaitively impact new player churn or cheaters fucking up everyone or players sitting in gold where everyone else is worth 100% glory could possibly impact the gameplay of atlas negatively in any way.


If playing the game impacts new player churn…maybe they shouldn’t be playing the game anyway. Atlas, while being pretty integral to being competitive, is still an addendum. You don’t have to touch it until you’re ready.

Again. Cheaters are prevalent, but 1. I heard Atlas was relatively secure! 2. Again, prioritizing cheaters and sandbaggers over the population of legit players?

:rofl: If you really want to give up all your Atlas bonuses and strong-team benefits for 100% glory, all the power to you. This also technically falls under sandbagging behaviour, and is also something we see in low plat.


Gold doeant need atlas it doesnt take much to go plat 4 and stay there. It takes a full team that all do their war run basically maybe a few like 2 higher levels. Every war we had in plat 4 noone put over 225 flames on us. Now we are going plat 3 after restructure and im almost positive it will be about the same. Everyone talking about going higher into plat and getting knock down… If that happens you leadership isnt very bright for putting their team in a losing situation.

Who knows maybe i feel this way because i cam from sapphire and know what a team should look like not sure…


It is my opinion that it’s not very hard to get to plat 4 with a handful of 200s.

But for the sake of argument maybe there are some struggling in Gold 1 to get there for whatever reason. I normally don’t cater to the 5% but is it possible to meet them half way and talk about Gold 1 being the cutoff?

As I said before, I don’t think it’s hard to get to Platinum and stay there once reaching Plat IV so it’s whatever to me. I do however think Gold V-III shouldn’t get it.


You don’t say…


Except they already get so few and it doesn’t stop them. :expressionless: Too bad there has NEVER been a single solution proposed. Nope. Not ever. Nothing PG can do. :no_mouth:

Re: thoughts overall and not in direct response to quote’s OP:
There are a few intertwined issues I see here. Progression in this game sucks. Atlas offers some relief for that general sucky-ness. So I agree with those that that think certain parts should be available to everyone (well, better yet, they could just fix progression and have real catch-up mechanics but I’m likely to ride on the back of a yodeling unicorn before that ever happens).

But because progression is broken, trying to get ahead requires insane amounts of time/spending or whatever in upper leagues…and lower teams trying to get just a few more egg tokens (that could easily be had by speeding a few 1 hours with rubies, but…PLAT 1! SAPPHIRE!) set insane requirements to try and get a team together that can make it up into the Prestige Leagues for these extra tokens and better PvP prizes (“better” being a joke since it’s a nominal increase for the level of competition, but…PLAT 1! SAPPHIRE!).

It sets a cycle for ridiculous requirements even in lower leagues because you can’t move up without them (or at least people think you can’t), and even if they’re tiny benefits, you need every extra token or sigil in this grindy game where time has no value. So then people get burned out and drop down to lower leagues because you can actually do well AND have fun, for the low low cost of of a few hundred egg tokens/day. Which you might be able to make up by doing better in PvPs using less rss and opening more chests blah blah blah. I don’t know. In any event, sandbagging because.

So then Atlas offers some progression benefits (and gear messing up the non-balance of the game), everyone wants it. Great! But people sandbagging in gold to have an easy time should not get all the benefits. That is their choice to be in gold (since choices keep coming up in this post). It’s not even really a constrained choice since this is not rl and at any point in time they could choose to move up to a higher league (and higher teams struggling to recruit could implement more realistic expectations…but let’s not get crazy now!).

But then there’s the issue that new players are severely disadvantaged by not having Atlas as well. But…Atlas is overwhelming for most new players, and even a lot of old players. So while it sort of pains me, I do think new players should be kept out of Atlas until it’s either less intimidating because it’s more intuitive and easy to grasp, or until they’ve got other basics down that make the addition of troop building and glory hunting less of a cluster. But then we’re back to messed up progression plus the fact teams with Atlas gear versus teams without is bizarrely imbalanced. Hence the access to a beast and crafting and invader as has been proposed.

And amidst this all is the issue that there are too. Many. Teams. People make knew teams knowing that Atlas does not come with it, and then complain that they don’t have it…when they could have just gone and joined a team that has it in the first place. “But I’m the leader!” No problem at all, go ahead, start yet another team…but that’s a choice.

Do I think some things, like invader, should be available to everyone? Yes. But Atlas is sufficiently complicated for most players that I do not think it needs to be rolled out to gold, nor should it be granted automatically upon access to plat. Should there be a way to earn access and potentially lose access as an incentive to stay active and get the full-on benefits? Maybe? I personally am not mad at the idea. A team that’s down in gold for 5 weeks after being in platinum (or having fallen from the Prestige Leagues) is likely beyond repair without a massive renewal anyway because, as others have said, getting back into platinum is not that hard. That said, I think the loss of access and castles would be penalty enough, and everything should got into storage as is, no loss on infra levels etc. I do question whether this would make Atlas more dynamic or just result in people about to lose access just handing off castles to allies…but I guess they already do that anyway.

TL;DR: Some aspects of Atlas should be made available to all, but full roll-out to teams below plat seems like a bad idea, as does automatic access at Plat. People need to stop making new teams if they want Atlas right now; currently the way to get it is to go to a team that has it…so make your choice and live with it. Not mad at the idea of earnable Atlas access or removal if your team falls to depths of gold heaven.


Bonjour nous cela fait 3mois que l on attend l atlas on résiste aux assauts des grosse équipe mais ça devient dur😢


This is where I disagree and have to say is not true. It takes you like under a month to be lvl 40 or so (Also enough time for you to understand the basics of game without the mess, that is Atlas) and at this point there is a ton of plat teams with atlas access still finding it hard to recruit even without level requirements for these players to join.

Now, give Atlas access to all the teams and you’re only going to be finding more and more recruitment posts and broken teams that are currently already 50/50 and doing well. Simply because well now any one can create a team and have atlas on it… why stick to another just for atlas (Most players in plat are there in certain team only because of Atlas).

Atlas being on certain team are currently the only thing that’s pushing more players to join teams in higher leagues and not just make their own damn one. Take this limitation away, and oh well the rest you can just imagine.


Wow I never thought of it this way… very interesting tbh, and really secures my stance on not involving everyone into atlas. I hope it stops after platinum for sure.


Hey! This post is not for atlas rollout for all teams. See the post title. PG is requested to announce the rollout of atlas as soon as possible for those who reached platinum league and have no atlas yet.

For my understanding and pg should do it too, Atlas rollout will be for platinum league who don’t have Atlas yet right after atlas season. Good Luck!


If you read the entire thread you would understand why the discussion came up about Atlas for all.