Atlas for New Platinum Teams


PG should communicate their intentions but they seem to have a corporate philosophy or collective paranoia preventing this normal communication. Or they just really can’t tell what they’ll be doing and able to do more than 8 days from now.

Progressive reveal of game elements is a good idea, but months to years is too long to wait to reveal elements that dramatically change the game. They should start revealing atlas elements to all players around level 28 at the latest, and they should make some info about atlas available sooner so people know what the game becomes. The challenge is how to reveal atlas’ PvP workings without throwing players into the global mix up.

Until they can do this I still think they should roll it out to new platinum teams regularly and I don’t see any reason to remove it from teams in decline. It’s a game - it should be fun and challenging, but it shouldn’t be work to start or keep playing the game.


Yes you can sandbag in atlas.


If you actually start from scratch, it is not that easy. If you have several active players in the 200-300 range shepherding a team, it makes surviving wars in Gold 1 easier.

Not having Atlas is a huge recruiting barrier, too. Kinda hard getting the 100+ players you need to progress when there are Atlas teams out there with holes to fill. You certainly won’t get 200+ players, unless they are the ones who really don’t like Atlas or no longer have the time to play at a higher level.


Even starting my own team, my goal was always to get the active, not the big.


Always preferred, but you can’t win wars in Gold 1 against the top teams without a few bigs - and they’d have to be active as well, as they’ll have to back a lot of runs.


From what I see in Plat with my alt, it’s more the lack of 250 flames that causes losses. If I put my alt there, we will have no problem with most bases (as it has Mythic Vanguards).


Half the wars we lose on my main’s team (Plat 1/2) are because we don’t have a big or two. Up until recently we only had one player (barely) over 300 and nobody with Harbinger divines. That makes it pretty much impossible to get 250 against a team with a 400+ base and level 70+ towers. We have some damn good flyers, and everybody pulls their weight (no few backers backing everything) so we punch well above our weight, but some bases simply aren’t doable without at least some harbs.

I still agree active is better than big, our active players will grow big enough eventually. But until that point it can be annoying to lose to a team where 30 players need to be backed by the one vanguard guy to have a chance on our bases, and we still lose with 80+ defenses to their 30, simply because they have one base we can’t take.


Ah, well in that case you won’t be starting from scratch, and you’ll have no trouble getting to Plat relatively quickly - you’ll be one of those annoying teams that has a level 50 taking out a level 150 because you’ve got a big too big for anyone else in the league backing all the runs you need. Vanguards should never be see in Gold, much less lower Plat. It is another form of sandbagging.


Which brings us back to who should be allowed to start a team, a different convo entirely.


There are functionally dead atlas teams out there. If I wanted to start a team I’d see about taking one of those over and renaming it.


I would disagree with this. Although I supposed the definition of bigs could make it true.

Keeping in mind that gold has a vast difference from the top to the bottom. The majority of the gold leagues have plenty of teams which are not full, or have no show players.

It’s true that when you get declared on its often a team who you can’t win, but If you declare multiple that you can win it’s a numbers game. My alts are on platinum teams and they usually come down to participation more than I see it come down to not cracking a big base. Although sometimes that happens.

The uglier problem is that higher up it basically almost never isn’t 250/250, which for a primary competition metric is flawed. You should not be using the tie breaker more than the primary metric. And wars in general are in need of going away or a revamp… which brings us back to the topic of atlas (replacement for wars)

In response to the topic in general, I’m not so sure I feel like it’s important to yank people out of atlas unless it improves performance of atlas. I’m pretty sure it’s planned to automatically add teams at some point when they cross a line.

Who knows if gold will ever have atlas. It was definitely not intended to extend that far. I definitely should think silver and bronze would not get atlas. As it is the scaling of gold costs and storage doesn’t hardly fit platinum teams.

If it doesn’t impact (slow down or increase crashes) the game I see no reason why everyone shouldn’t have an invader base, at the very least.

But as far as when will teams get atlas who were promoted into platinum, no clue. I don’t think that is a priority right now for PG. If you were to triage issues you would look for things that impacted the most people, as well as severity of those it impacted. I’m afraid to say it could be a while before it may happen. I would keep writing support and asking.


I’m just saying it should be a priority for them the leagues are both unbalanced and with the spell scaling it screws the teams in plat without atlas the most. Think about it my teams wars people that have stronger dragons purely off having gear (after scaling even worse) how would making the game fair for everyone within the same league not be a top priority? Regardless of banks how about bringing able to gain easy full xp, what about gear and riders. PG is making WD revolve around atlas yet overlooking this. I’m not saying pull people out of atlas but let’s be real to make gold fair either pull atlas from those teams or release it to all of gold. I’m just saying regardless of whatever issue PG has with getting these teams in it should be #1 priority, not releasing daily packs and spell scaling. Now we are headed to plat 2 after restructuring and I’ve been asking since gold when we could expect to see atlas.


Update will be heading to plat 1 and will have to stay there and just wait on PG to release atlas before even thinking about going to sapphire. Rest assured this is not only my team but plenty more the current league I’m in has 5 out of 25 that don’t have atlas that means you have 250 players (in plat 2) just in my league without atlas. 250 players that don’t get to level playing grounds. 5 teams that will continue to be bottom of their league in events due to the simple fact of not having atlas.


And you think if those 5 teams got Atlas all their problems just POOF! vanish?
“There are 250 accounts (not players, accounts, there are plenty alts) without Atlas!”
Yeah, you keep whining about this. My heart is bleeding.

There are more than enough atlas teams struggling with recruitment, there are enough players who want to be a part of it, they should just find each other. Problem solved.


If gameplay aspect is the only thing in this game, you’re right.
However, there is social aspect as well, which isn’t less important.


Most people won’t leave their team due to loyalty to long time friends, and while that isn’t a bad thing, right now it’s a either or :woman_shrugging:t2: You either play with ur friends without atlas, or if u want it so bad u need to go to an atlas team. Can’t really have both if ur team dosent have atlas…


Or find a disbanding Atlas team to take over. A win-win situation but you might not like the team name. :grimacing:


Lol, yeah our team name is terrible, but was worth it… There is a case to be made for being able to change your team name even for money we’d do this PG :joy:


Now I’m curious, whats the team name?


And that’s basically what people are complaining about: The thing that does the most to keep people playing is their friends.

And so asking people to abandon their friends to go to an Atlas team is not realistically an option if you want to retain - let alone grow - the playerbase.

Moreover, everything besides spending time with friends is affected by whether or not you have Atlas. And even that is, since said friends are less likely to want to spend time in-game when the game is imbalanced and unfun.

So either PG loses players, or it fixes progression. And yes, thanks to the ridiculously overpowered gear (not to mention the extras like timers), Atlas is now an essential part of progression.