Atlas for New Platinum Teams




@AeanaeA Said it perfect.

@BaldRabbit sure am complaining and won’t stop until balance is brought back to the game.

No one should have to disband their team because PG can’t make the game fair. I don’t care about recruiting at this point I care about helping my players grow.

I think it’s funny some of you guys get so distressed over my “not having atlas” comments. Yet none of you have yet to say its fair that some have Atlas and some don’t within the same leagues which just proves my point.


Of course, because it’s not. And I bet my life it never will. :hugs: There’s nothing fair in life, the strong wins, the weak loses, the cheaters spit in this harmony, and at the end of the day, we all go to bed (I forgot where I was going with this)


People are just stubborn. I’ve seen the leaders of dying teams in Gold 4, with 17 players left, who still believe that they are going to get Atlas handed to them “any day now”.

Recruiting in this game has always been hard, but never this hard.

The name of the “Leadership Game” in War Dragons is doing the best with what you have. I mean, let’s be real…If I had 49 players who played the way I wanted them do, and were online when I asked them to be, then we would have dethroned Dread by now…

If you don’t have atlas, and you want it…think outside the box. Join a team that has it. Merge. Be open minded about how you get the result that you want. If you want to be the LEADER of a team that has atlas, then put your time in, be patient, and know that it might take some time. It depends on YOU. Is it more important to get atlas for you and your teammates, or is it more important for you to be the leader?



The problem is, currently there is no team where I can stuff all of my teammates inside.
It doesn’t matter if I’m a leader or not (though preferably not).


I had been hoping that PG would surprise us and do another rollout at the beginning of the atlas season despite them saying there weren’t any planned. But those hopes have been dashed.

I had been thinking about stopping the game after learning to fly hau (mine still refuses to do what she is told). The next decent dragon is noctua and it will be a long time before I get there.

So without the prospect of getting atlas soon (and I have zero interest in changing teams), I might as well try putting down my phone and engaging in ‘conversation’ with other human beings.


How many players we talking about? There may very well be a team looking for a merger.


:thinking: Not a lot I guess.
Just enough for 48 players…


Lol well I’ll put my feelers out for a team of two :wink:


I think you use atlas as a scape goat. Not saying that platinum isn’t a crappy place to be when recruiting or that atlas doesn’t make it harder. But there are many many platinum teams with atlas who can’t keep the team full. (And many who have no trouble who both have and don’t have atlas)

And as far as balance goes. You are selectively outraged as many factors much worse than atlas are “unfair” about platinum. (For example, vanguard mythic dragons, level 500 players, entire teams sandbagging, cheating, glitches, nerfed content, etc)

I don’t disagree you want atlas, but do understand that most platinum teams can’t actually handle atlas. I think if I was you I would be trying a different approach and sending private messages to pg asking to be added and justifying why.

A public complaint is just unlikely to get you anything. Platinum teams who got promoted will get atlas when pg feels it’s time, and not before… just my reccomendation, but I think you will have more success asking for your team in private than you will justifying more platinum teams.


This is likely not true. The difficulty is finding the team. I have multiple alts in platinum teams and there are atlas teams constantly merging large numbers of players.


:pleading_face: Really?
I haven’t been able to find them successfully…
Will be happy if one will grant their entire team…


I’m not using it as a scape goat I’m just saying we are stuck we can’t move up the ranks anymore without atlas I have a line of people wanting to come over (once we get atlas) we could go P1 right now no problem but I’m not going to take my team to somewhere that we can’t compete in events. I don’t disagree with some of what you said, and I agree with there being 500s in plat. We have a mid 400s on our team but we aren’t trying to sandbag we just need atlas to move up in leagues. It’s not even about recruiting anymore I’m past that I put in the work hours and hours everyday to put this team together. Now I just want it so my team can enjoy the perks of atlas like the rest of their league mates.


Agreed, it’s absolutely crazy that we went a full season of Atlas without a roll-out.


I’d like to see them fix the lag before adding more users…


I’ve been praying to the Norse gods, and sacrificing various team members, but so far Odin hasn’t answered with a divine rollout.


We need to have an announcement echoed…


Sounds an awful lot like you fit into the category who might be ready for it and maybe you should privately try to convince pg to let you in because you are ready.


PG will not budge on that. Teams will not be added on merit and support will refer teams to wait like everyone else.


I hear ya I offered a solution to that above remove the sand bagging gold teams to make room for the platinum teams problem solved same amount of teams and the gold leagues and platinum leagues are back to being balanced. I know I will get feedback if “we are rebuilding” but I don’t think 25 rebuilding teams should make the decision to have 2 leagues unbalanced. I agree with the lag this would not make lag worse.

Most of the gold teams with atlas are alt heavens anyways that and sandbaggers that claim to be “rebuilding”