Atlas for New Platinum Teams


How many team do you think actually tried it after last roll out? Or since? No one?

People try after every roll out


Do you have any proof that none got in and you just didn’t know about it? Guessing not because you wouldn’t know about it.

You are just all doom and gloom. If you want to give up then that’s your business.

The odds of a large public add are far less than a small one. Probably even better if it’s not public but that’s merely me speculating. Maybe neither will happen but if I wanted it real bad I’d not give up so easily.

Even when it doesn’t work they take note of how many tickets they get for certain topics as a metric for what needs attention.


I have other accounts on other teams

Since the last two additions a particular account on a particular team has spent about 3 weeks in Gold 1 and the rest in Platinum. Both roll out dates were included in those three weeks in Gold. Lucky them. They advocated their assess off. They got the standard reply from support and messages to Arelyna. Which included responses about ‘maybe we can have it when we get back to platinum’. Requests to have addition added to atlas based on merit was taken as ‘feedback’ (also a response). I have contributed to ‘Quality of Life’ suggestions Discussions about this.

What really bugs me the most is the assumption that they are not doing enough or that there something they can do about it when merit, skills and capacity is not enough and PG has constantly informed there is nothing they can do about it.

I think that would really mess me up to think we have mailed and written our butts off and now even the player base thinks it’s the teams fault too? Teams like that are being exposed to constant suggestions they just find another team or PG just kicks more people out of atlas but the real issue is that PG isn’t able to be consistent and nor can a team achieve access to something by being better than a team that already does. Teams that are capable of playing together (which is why they are still here ) are suffering.

We shouldn’t even be left discussing this. Access and game stability should have been fixed AGES AGO.


That is unfortunate. They didn’t meet the criteria, simple as that.

When (if) the next rollout comes, and they can make it, Hurray! but if not… then see you next time! (year)

There was a deadline, and anyone, who could make it, is in. What happened before and after, nobody cares. If I were in your place, I would just accept that.


That was in response to EidolonRM

We have gone on to manage this in other ways that work our for us


Also- none knew when roll out was going to occur. There were even comments in response to queries the week before they occurred in which staff responded that they were not aware of when

Some teams also did in fact make the list but the week of the roll out was different to the week the list was created.

Teams that are in this situation are trying to let people know what happened and are often responding to comments that prompt that. For those teams that already had atlas they may be missing in some key information that causes them to make the incorrect statements that they do. Information will continue to be shared and responded to


And that doesn’t make my statement less valid. :hugs:

I can imagine how hard it must be to digest that you missed the secret train (that wasn’t on the timetable).

insert an Atlas for everyone meme here

just kidding. Our neighbours are being evicted as I type, Fireworks and red lines everywhere :joy: I gotta go!


I somewhat agree with you if your team didn’t make the deadline and go plat before the roll out you shouldn’t have gotten atlas plain and simple. If your gold now you should be like the rest of the gold teams and not have atlas. My point is more towards the teams that weren’t even here during the roll out. My team wasn’t able to try and make the plat deadline because we were not a team then. Now we sit 20 ranks from plat 1. If your team is still gold after idk let’s say 2 months of existence (other then xp teams) you should find another home. All it takes to get out of gold is a full team. We can talk about it till we are blue in the face but the reality is platinum is not hard to get to heck we went from gold 4 to gold 1 in one week then the next week went platinum. And every week went up into the next league until top of plat 2 where we sit now. GOLD TEAMS SHOULD NEVER HAVE ATLAS


Platinum teams that do not have access and have been in Platinum for a long time still do not have access.

They are still in Platinum and don’t have access. That is the simplified version of the issue. They haven’t been able to access atlas based on merit. Being in atlas for a long time and still being is evidence of that.


It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality. Find a way to make the best of reality has been my suggestion.

Your response to me doesn’t really offer me a good reason not to try other means. By all means If you want to try and fight a larger battle, go for it.

I sympathize for unfortunate situations; But sympathy doesn’t buy much… I personally feel many were far less fortunate and that there are much bigger issues to deal with.

As far as atlas, I’m not aware of PG ever saying they wouldn’t be able to fix issues. Maybe they won’t choose to, but given unlimited dev time I am certain almost all issues can be solved. Atlas is young and it takes a unique approach that unfortunately also means it cannot barrow as many lessons learned from other games.

I do know a lot of platinum teams have had a terrible time in Atlas. Many haven’t, but I don’t think those are even remotely close to being in the majority.


Hi again @EidolonRM

I didn’t respond to that specifically because before you even commented I did mention that we have managed this by other means.

We have indeed got our own solution. This doesn’t mean I will turn a blind eye. Our solution is not an easy option for others to digest.

If you scroll up you can see my other comments and replies. There’s a lot in these threads and it is very time consuming. I understand that you have overlooked but it is there.


I read them fully and responded to the bits I felt merited response.

As I said it’s unrealistic to think you will get a new rollout anytime soon. Maybe you should share your experience so other teams who are up for the challenge can benefit. My team was in sapphire for quite a while dealing with teams who had atlas. Buffs weren’t quite as extreme then, but they still made a world of difference. We went the extra few miles and it paid off. We also timed our promotion to ensure we were in the right league at the right time. It was hard but rewarding. And we waited a very long time; even after it was announced we were going to get it, it still took crazy long.

Good luck


Thanks @EidolonRM our Platinum team is sitting tight by choice.

Our other options we are managing has been helpful and has taken the pressure off this choice and helped us be sure of the choice we have as well as taking the pressure off other team mates by letting them know what the alternatives are.

Looking forward to hearing of some changes in the game. There are many people are asking for and yes it takes time. In the interim if I am aware of situations that I agree with I will contribute for the same reasons that others have concerns that game developers may not be aware of the impact of magnitude.


Sucks that you team is being held up by PG … same as us. We have 100% participation on events and finish last purely on not having atlas with fort coming up my team has to grind their ass off for the lumber where atlas teams in our league can just withdrawal from their bank… still not sure how this isn’t on top priority for pg

There’s a team in our league with 43 members that I see dropping to gold… they will keep atlas.


For everyone that says it’s not fair to take atlas away from teams … So taking atlas from this Gold IV team to give to a full plat 2 or plat 1 team is unfair??? Crazy if you believe that. They aren’t doing anything in atlas but wasting the space for a team that could use it.


Huh? Why do you say that? What is considered a constructive use of space in Atlas … owning a castle? :face_with_monocle:


Granted everyone may disagree.

For now, I think it’s not about actively participating in Atlas or not.
The game has taken direction towards assumption that everyone has got Atlas, where in fact, Atlas is still limited rights granted to limited team.

If we say about unfair, the assumption is the biggest unfair aspect in this game.

Then, can you ensure that this team will have the same chance as the others in growing?

As long as everyone hasn’t got the same chance, (either full protection against Atlas team for non Atlas or granting access to Atlas resources to everyone), there is no “fair” in this game.

If limited space for Atlas is the problem, perhaps this can be one of possible solution.

p.s. I’m not saying that teams in higher league shouldn’t get Atlas.
I’m saying that everyone should get Atlas, either main map, or “local map”.


Yes indeed 11 member team is holding a full teams spot obviously castles are the idea of atlas that 11 person team does not hold any castles and won’t be able to take one from another team. They are in a league where no one else has atlas and teams like mine are in leagues where everyone has atlas.


Some questions then.

  • Can Atlas team attack non Atlas team?
  • Does non Atlas team get any buff / protection against Atlas team?
  • Does Atlas access affects rewards for attacking outside Atlas (other than getting Gold)


Me and you have pretty well agreed on most within this post. I’m saying teams like this shouldn’t have atlas while teams in plat 2 does not. I agree nothing is fair but PG should be doing the most they can to have a fair play game. Having teams within the same league that have something the other team can’t obtain until PG says so is ridiculous.

For now let’s worry about making all the leagues balanced.

But in my opinion this should be done every time league changes. Atlas has been rolled out to plat and above but PG has not kept up with it in months so now you have plat teams without and gold teams with. Which has made the leagues unbalanced. My team will be screwed this fort purely on atlas. The teams with atlas and banks will be at the top while the teams without will be at the bottom.

That is a PG issue not a player issue. Our only chance to compete is to either spend or hours upon hours upon hours of grinding to put same points as others in my league that can just take RSS out of their bank.

  • Can Atlas team attack non Atlas team?
  • Does non Atlas team get any buff / protection against Atlas team?
  • Does Atlas access affects rewards for attacking outside Atlas (other than getting Gold)

Yes atlas teams can attack non Atlas teams that’s fine but atlas teams warring non atlas teams with the newly spell scaling - team without atlas are at a disadvantaged (no gear)

Nope no buff or protection - The atlas team within the same league has a buff to help against non atlas teams (gear)

Nope they get nothing

Key isn’t attacks on attack screen I’m talking events and wars the team without atlas is at a huge disadvantage over the team with. You have to see that