Atlas for New Platinum Teams


Not worth it… Please delete


Wrong… I have low members on the team currently. I kick inactives or folks that refuse to do wars how the team requires them to be done or don’t want to help their teammates etc etc my job as a leader is to ensure ALL my members are happy. Can’t let a few people stop the team from progressing. Not sure who you are but you seem to be angry that I don’t my players what they can and can’t say :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging: Maybe you were one of the teams we left behind I’m not sure.

Btw there is a filter for players who find certain language offensive and you can also report the player for abusive language.

None of my members have been banned or chat banned so I don’t think anyone has done anything to offensive. My team just enjoys having fun :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Let’s keep it on topic please.


Seems you agree just don’t like my team. Maybe we destroyed one of your allies. Your Plat 1 so either you bounced from your team or one of your allies have complained about us. we worked our way to platinum now we should be able to compete within our league. You see it as “whining” I see it as doing what a leader should advocate for their team.


It is one thing to advocate for something. It is another to feel you are entitled.


My team is 100% entitled to atlas just like the rest of the plat teams that had atlas rolled out to them. My team is entitled to play on a level playing ground. You have agreed above we worked our way to plat.


You cut and pasted only one of my comments. And it had to do with those wanting Atlas to be available to Gold. I have also said that those who have moved into Platinum need to wait till they roll it out and that someone starting a new team should not automatically be entitled to Atlas.

Anyone could then start a new team move up to Platinum and have Atlas. If they should drop down I believe there should be a time limit on how long they stay in Gold or lose Atlas.

But just cause you started a team a short while ago does not entitle you to Atlas. And on that note Goodnight work calls early.


Timeframe means nothing it’s not like we are hanging just barely into plat we are high in plat 2 and could go plat 1 no problem.

So to recap you believe rollouts should be manual? You think that a team should wait why exactly?
Why shouldn’t teams be automatically added after a certain point?

If my team made it to sapphire next week we still wouldn’t have atlas… why should I keep moving my team up into leagues we can’t compete in events without atlas?


I hope you messaged the officers about taking over the team, or at least sent in an alt to check it out. You could get atlas tomorrow instead of waiting for PG to implement something.

PG’s handling of this is typically wretched; remember they’re the screw-ups here. There’s no need and limited benefit in turning on other teams. Competition isn’t a great reason because a lot of the advantage is in owned items like gear, riders, stockpiled speed-ups. Also there’s still a wide competitive spread in gold and plat subleagues; atlas is just one factor.

Teams drop, some of them come back up. Confiscating atlas at the door as they leave platinum would destabilize recruiting and real estate and maybe take more dev effort than a band-aid merits.


I don’t disagree. And yes I’ve thought about taking over a gold team with atlas and moving my members but when I brought it up to a team vote they votes were way lopsided to not doing it. Most of the feedback I got is “all the warring and work we did was for nothing if we switch”

That’s why I’m here sounding like a broken record for my team.

Agree with buying items and all that just understand that gear is only obtainable if your team has atlas. Also keep in mind fort and feed are on RSS as well as timers last fort our issue wasn’t timers it was RSS.

Feeds are easier with atlas as well easy XP on mines etc so now a bank full of food and easy XP makes feed a breeze.

Castles obtain more egg tokens (as everyone knows) which leaves us at a disadvantage during breeding as well.

PvP is the only one we have with level field and as I’m sure you know the teams that typically spend more win PvPs


Hope your team gets Atlas. You shouldn’t have to go through this. Spend your money on another game.


Lol that makes me curious


:joy: Still fighting the good fight?


And what are the steps to do so? (I’ve tried tickets to no avail.)


Tried won’t work don’t waste your time. You will get the “I can’t put teams into atlas”

Crazy it’s been like 2 months and we are still talking about this…
BRB I gotta do like 100 attacks to do an upgrade… everyone dumps wood in banks now sooo not being a atlas team I gotta get my wood 10k at a time


@pgEcho @PGEggToken do you have a view as to when the next roll out is?

Also, have you ever considered rotating teams in and out of Atlas based on whether they drop in to Gold/promote into Platinum?


@Grumpybigbird Your going to get a “we are working on it but have no time frame” as I have gotten for the last 2 1/2 months now. Then when you ask for a update you get “this is a good way to get ignored”

Makes no sense that in 2 1/2 months they can’t get the 25ish teams that are in plat and begging for it atlas… but by all means keep them new packs rolling out.


There’s a reason why I tagged those two…


Come on PG give us some clarity on whether you are going to do another rollout.

It is depressing trying to recruit decent players without atlas.


Seriously. Decent players generally fall into 2 categories:

  1. They want atlas and don’t really want to join a team that might get it maybe in the future when they could just join a team that has it now.
  2. Hate atlas and don’t want to join a Plat+ team that could get it suddenly.