Atlas for new teams

At what level does a team is eligible to get Atlas…

They said they’ll be adding plat teams to Atlas at the start of every Atlas season


I’m assuming you mean league. Currently, it’s just Platinum and above, and Fiery is correct as well.



Ok thank you very much for the information

I remember seeing someone saying that they would have to contact support. Is that not the case anymore? Or are they automatically giving them atlas even if they’re not in platinum 4 for 3 weeks?

The messaging has been inconsistent. PGGalileo last said platinum teams who are there at the start of the season will be admitted. But a recent query to support got the response that “being in Platinum for 3 weeks will give increased consideration” and “they don’t know when the next rollout will be”.


Seems like they are ignoring the threads about atlas reuirement because i opened one a few days ago too, mentioned Galileo, @FozzieBear also did, but no answer. We need to wait a few days more to see what will happen

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That used to be the case for getting to Sapphire - but I don’t think it was the case for plat, not sure what support said


Hey we r in platinum 4 for three weeks do we have to send mail to get atlas access…

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new atlas season is about to start, you hopefully should be added soon.

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Do you know if there is any updates with PG announcement for new atlas access to more platinum teams , I have searched the forum but I can’t find anything new.
We have been in platinum 4 since the beginning of the last season only just missing out on the last roll out .

Sorry, nothing new as of yet.

@PGGalileo said new teams would be admitted at the start of the new Atlas season, but a recent post of his indicated there is now uncertainty.

We will be adding plat 4 and up teams to Atlas for next season, and then after - we will start adding p2+ teams to Atlas. We’ve discovered that adding p4+ has added so many teams that it adds quite a bit of lag potential to Atlas, so we’re going to move away from that after this next season.


Great, thank you.

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I’m not sure but if you’re not added today then you should contact PG.

Oh thanks for the info, quick question if a team has been in plat 4 for 3 weeks but they were not consecutive. Do they still have a chance of having atlas access?

I would expect the additions would happen with the start of the new season, tomorrow.


Ah ok I’m just trying to give the leader of my former team info on when they could expect atlas access, they’re very anxious.

I’m sure they are!