Atlas for platinum 1

Anybody know when atlas going to release for platinum 1

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Currently I’m in platinum 1
Atlas pack showing for me and I don’t have atlas yet what does it mean pg going to atlas for platinum sooner?

So please, please stop asking. It will come eventually. Sapphire 3 is still being rolled out.

Edit: And I believe Jared is on vacation so won’t even see your message.

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Everyone in Platinum is like when when when.

Then when it does come to us, everyone will be like why why why :cry::cry::cry:


Don’t be in a hurry. I understand your desire to get it as soon as you can but it’s really not going to improve your game experience.

If you are in that big of a hurry then apply to Sapphire 2 and above teams. They will likely have atlas. If you are not good enough to get in to those teams then atlas should be at the bottom of your priorities.

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So do not want to try exciting new content because reasons, got it.

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That’s one way to put it I guess.

I’m still waiting atlas for platinum 3&4 teams lol :joy::sweat_smile:

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My main account has atlas and my alt account is in platinum without atlas. I would hate to have atlas on my plat account. There is nothing in atlas stopping a D1 team from completely obliterating smaller teams or players. Until pg puts some limits or separation in atlas I don’t want atlas for my platinum team.


I want only for invaders base

So you don’t have Atlas yet but can buy Atlas packs? :thinking:

Yeah everybody wants it for invader base now because PG fucked a bunch of us with the xp cap change.

Yep I don’t have atlas but I can buy atlas packs

Let them work on it and get it all worked out. Be patient. If you knew the troubles in Atlas, you wouldn’t be begging to get it. In time, grasshopper!

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What level are you and Would you be interested in switching teams maybe?

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Ah invader bases. The only part that I miss about atlas.

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I’m lvl 240

We’re a Platinum 3 team with Atlas, but busy living up again. If you’re interested send me a message in game

Climbing up :grin:

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