Atlas for platinum team and When going to be implemented?

RECENTLY so sad… I have been neglected by my sapphire team, which has Atlas.
The reason is being not having powerful dragon and base OR not meeting their expectation level But
I never miss any war or not participate in any event…and now I’m in platinum team and the problem is no Atlas where I have been crating and leveling up rider gear half way OMG…so depressing

@AkaellaxHBD - do we have a vacancy?

I also sent you a mail in-game, feel free to check with my leaders. We may have an alt to be replaced.

What level are you?

Hi is not about player level but more of loyalty to a team and happy to be with as together for playing this strategy game dear.

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Actually Atlas is rather level dependent for teams looking to compete. The regular game is more lax in levels, but Atlas has a real tangeable value on level and dragon tier

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totally agree with u.

I was asking to see about finding space for you if you are interested. We have an alt that needs to be replaced; however, we are a lottery team so we are just learning.

Ok I see and appreciated im just level 127

In response to your post and what level above do you think more suitable for atlas ?

127 isn’t too bad if you are in a low-mid ranked team and have sapphire dragons. :+1:

It will make life a bit rougher if you are in a high ranked team going against level 300+ players, or if your team is trying to hold land that a higher team desires.

But keep plugging along with it :upside_down_face:

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