Atlas for the teamless

I think the game would be so much better if we could access Atlas even when teamless. Pick a fair level to be able to access Atlas say level 50 and up. We can park at a safe castle and we can then participate in Atlas events build troops and forge gear etc. I know many would still pay for elite so they are able to reap the rewards for this option and what’s the worst that single players could do? Snipe a castle? Teams do that daily ! So why not let us who are teamless be in Atlas?


Atlas already has a homeless problem with teams that can’t get and hold a castle and you want to make that much worse by flooding in tons of low levels and team less players?

Why? Someone who can’t be bothered to be part of a team is going to max out events and gear?
Whats next? Teamless PvP? :slight_smile:


The only variant of this I would be ok with is a variant that lets them do exp runs, farm shards from beasts and craft gear. MAYBE NML glory hunting but no castle interaction.


Atlas does have homeless teams and they do not get the perks that teams with castles get but some of us love the game but don’t have lots of time either. Teams are not understanding about this but why should we be penalized? We love Atlas too and we still would not get all the perks teams do but we should be able to play Atlas if we choose tooPeople should not have to be penalized or lose out on Atlas events because they have a life


Why can’t they have castle interaction? They can’t take the castle from you. It’s no different than other teams sniping castles except a teamless member would not have the ability to take the castle. They would be dumb to try because they would never be able to hold onto it so what’s the big deal?


I believe Atlas is team based, not an individual based. That said, I’d like every team out there to have a taste of Atlas.

It can start by allowing them to participate in Atlas event, while letting them to use Beast styled primarch to get glory (of course with reduced percentage, to encourage them joining real Atlas).

p.s. IMO, it doesn’t make sense if teamless players can enter Atlas, when they can’t even enter events in core game.
It will give them a nice head start, especially in gear crafting, so that they’re ready to enter the real Atlas.


Actually they should be able to join core events as well. They shouldn’t get a team prize but should be able to get personal prizes just saying.i do not think letting teamless participate will keep them from joining a team when they are able to again but it would let them enjoy their gameplay and encouraging for them to stay with the game. Many who leave for real life issues don’t come back because it’s too hard to catch back up


After putting all the time and effort and expense I have put into my game I don’t want to have to start over

Give atlas to every team way before letting the teamless all have it.


Match up is based on league.
League requires team.
Without having a team, you won’t have a league, to have the match.

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Just join a gold atlas team tbh if u want to play at a slow pace.


They had one a while back called Kingpin. Any troops lost were permanently lost. But you could attack with any primarch for the same glory. I loved it. But with atlas seasons, they did away with the event

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Yep, that works too.
However, since it’s more like “catching up mechanic” due to limited Atlas feature, I’d rather they have higher revive rate with less glory / troop loss (encouraging them to move to real Atlas, plus better outcome for Troop training event).

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As a member of a relatively small team, one of the worst things in Atlas for us, aside from the far-worse politics, is interactions with castleless players. Because virtually every interaction is a negative - they can do damage without any opportunity for a response.

Other team bubbles us? Alliance can support us, or strike back out at the enemy.
Sniper harasses us? We can find their castles and return the favor.

But if they’re castleless, it’s just an endless drip-drip-drip of troop loss without any real possibility for preventing it or fighting back. Unless, of course, you can give up all your accessible castles for internal-access castles, which isn’t really an option for a lot of teams.


I’ve been in Atlas and in diamond and I can tell you this I would not get much glory unless I attack Sapphire or diamond. This is why I suggest a level be set so that it protects the smaller teams. But snipers are an endless drip of troop loss no matter what level, or if they have a team or not because right now all snipers are with a team and they do that damage.the difference is they have a team to back them! Teamless players would not have that so would need to be careful or lose all their troops


Is it though? I have no idea, but I wonder what percentage of Atlas play is castle assaults vs. hunting in NML and glory exchanging? Aligane is certainly busy …


While Atlas gameplay may only use individual action, Atlas mechanic is based on team.

Glory is based on Team Power.
Primarch is identified by alliance, team, and ign.
Unless you want 100% permaloss + 0% glory multiplier for teamless primarch.

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Except it matters to a castle-owning team if they lose all their troops. It doesn’t matter to a castleless or teamless one, because their troops don’t defend anything - they’re only useful for sniping.

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atlas for all teams but that won’t be till something changes

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I agree with the op. I know at least one other player who is a very good player and knowledgeable suggested being able to be team less and have access to atlas. What’s the worst that could happen? They all band together in line app and take your castle? That’s what real teams do anyways :man_shrugging:

Edit, either way, it’s not fair to give atlas to some and not others imho.

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