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So I have a question for PG. Why do you guys sell the atlas forgemaster packs? For $100 USD I get a total of 375k shards. So I drop a pretty significant amount of money and get some shards, a good deal since they are pretty hard to come by in bulk. Except now we have a little problem with this massive amount of shards I can upgrade a single legendary piece of gear from level 3-4. Now I have no shards left to upgrade another level 3 item of the same type, but at least I have an increase of 1% attack or hp. So to continue upgrading all of my gear, let’s say I wanted to get a full complete set of legendary wind gear to level 10, how many shards would I need? 933k primary shards per piece of gear * 8 pieces of gear = 7.464m wind shard. We can ignore the secondary shard cost since it’s less than the primary and we are buying an equal amount of each shard. So for the low low price of $9,952 USD before tax I can get my complete set!

So to be clear, that was sarcasm. These packs are a complete rip-off, and that’s the most efficient pack you can buy. So can we get an increase in these shard packs? Or maybe have the ability to purchase them with diamonds? Setup a conversion system from shards of one type to another? I think that all of these options should be implemented, but I don’t think any of them will be, at least not anytime soon. But can you please just throw the player base a bone an do something? There have been plenty of good suggestions out there, and I’m sure people will reply with even better solutions than I could think of. I get that you guys need to make money, you’re a company, but this is kind of a ludicrous price to be paying.

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I’ll sell you my full wind elite/legendary max set for $5000. :slight_smile:

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Yanno, that’s such a good deal, I might need to take out some more student loans to pay for… housing.


Since you don’t have the money to do it and based on the tone of your original post seem to be implying most can’t afford those prices either that would mean most people can’t pay to win.
Shouldn’t you be happy about requiring people to play the game vs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to walk your base?


You have a point, but slightly flawed. Just because most people don’t have 10k to drop doesnt mean some people won’t. My problem is that as it stands it’s possible to pay to win, and to even compete with someone who is pay to win to this extreme is just not feasible. I want to have max gear be attainable, I want stronger dragons, it’s literally the goal of the game, to get strong dragons to take out strong bases. You don’t need gear to walk my base, you just need a higher tier dragon. So gear makes my lower tier dragons stronger, but I can’t even spend a reasonable amount to help level my gear. My problem is that packs of this design cost a lot, for not a lot of payoff which is just bad design. If you’re buying something, you want to feel good about the payoff, but this is the kind of pack I’d never purchase because it’s simply not rewarding to buy, if I bought it I’d just feel bad.

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nothing in this game is good value for game progress other than elite.

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