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I was watching the stream earlier with pixxel and it showed that a bunch of new territory was available to be conquered in atlas, but with this ‘glitch’ making pg not allow new teams to join, it just seems like the divide from the very big teams like dread and all the rest of us will keep getting bigger in atlas. Will there be any point in joining atlas if and when we (sapphire 1) eventually get accesss? Will there be any territory left for us to start from?

I’d suggest reading this post; the area will be doubled (or more).

Edit: For historical reference - the first atlas release wave:

My question mainly revolved around asking how long it might take for us to get access to it, and if any territory would be left for new teams to atlas. I’m sure already established teams are taking any and all territory that they can while they can.

New conquerable territory will not be added until after the new teams have been added. There is no need to worry about it getting taken before the new teams are added.

Cool, thank you very much for the prompt reply. Hope those bugs preventing teams from being added to atlas get fixed soon. :+1:

I was just wondering when new teams will be added to atlas? @pgEcho

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