Atlas friendly suggestions

Here are a few suggestions to make atlas more player friendly:

  • Having any extra gold from atlas season prizes go to team bank instead of being wasted OR increase gold storage capacity per storage hut level (doubt this is a new suggestion so please implement it).

  • Halve the time for atlas missions or increase amount of prizes (its a 12hr wait for small prizes -excluding the gold gifts to be fair).

  • Make it feasible to see the rarity of gear we craft immediately after crafting it (instead of having the 3hr wait to know if we need to repeat it).

And since Im asking for stuff, PLEASE reduce the amount of lagging in atlas; whether its moving prims, transfering troops, setting home, or not counting attacks in atlas pvp. The lag is serious and it leads to horrible losses given the new revival rates (Not gonna start on that).

And if you’re really going all out to please the players, consider removing the need for dragon healing between attacks when attacking the mines and poachers (so far fetched I know).

These are the things that have been low-key bothering me and I think other players as well (aside from the lag which is seriously frustrating) so thought to bring it up…

You can. Check your achievements in Atlas for amount of legendary gear crafted. Craft your gear. Check if that number went up. If it did, that’s a legendary being crafted. If the number didn’t go up, it’s not.

From my understanding that way is limited once you’ve achieved the number of gears they require in the quest. After that Im not sure how else you’d know.

Make a legendary check box that automatically discard and recrafting until a legendary gear show up. So EVERYONE dont have to repeat crafting, checking and discard…

Dont cancel crafts. Legendary or not. Learn to horde

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A few question…

  1. Is having too many gear slowing down our game? (Always getting delayed for a few seconds everytime I open gear section)

Does this mean that we will see a new feature? :eyes:

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I always destroy anything that’s not epic or legendary… is that bad ? :eyes:

Ive never regretted not destroying items in any game

Ive frequently regretted destroying “useless” items that later turn out to not be.

Gold packs like rss packs. It was suggested earlier only to be ignored by PG till now. Let us see if they implement this in next season.


Yes I remember reading that suggestion! My only concern was what happens if the pack is still too large for the storage hut capacity… But packs would definitely be an imporvement to what we have now!

@Gox1201 that’s true! But the point isnt canceling the crafted material, was referring to directly seeing the rarity in order to recraft it again in another slot if its not the desired one :pray:

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Great suggestions
I wish we could speedup riders missions with gold

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That would work great!

yes, it does. I regret not salvage those dark gears and now I cant do that anymore. It takes over 15x3 second for each salvage. While in other less gear element, it doesnt delay at all

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