Atlas Frostwreath Season Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Atlas Frostwreath Season:

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First of all looks like a lot of good stuff in there!

There’s one bit I didn’t quite get though:

  • Kill caps for all Primarchs at all levels will be standardized to 15,000.
  • For Taunters, kill caps will shift based on their level:

What does the “shifting based on level” mean?

Nevermind… I see what you mean… she lists them all at 15,000. I need to learn to read better… :woman_facepalming: :joy:

I saw that but then why single out taunters when it’s changing for all primarchs? And “level” seems a weird way to denote tier, considering they also have actual levels.

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I see where that is confusing. All of them will be at 15K for the kill caps. Will go edit that now.


So I’m a little confused… what’s the point of making different tiers for the taunter if it’s just gonna lose the same amount regardless? Isn’t it it’s job to be hit basically? … and what problem was this addressing?
Not saying this is a good or bad thing. I’m not really sure yet. Just a bit confused.

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Defence and offence power scaling between tiers account for the difference.

It addresses the imbalance atm where defenders prefer to use a poorer bronze prime for defence which doesn’t really make sense logically but game mechanics encouraged.

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How much skill points the atlas offensive rider will have? What does the skill tree look like?


190 points. Skill tree includes Attack, increase dragon XP, decrease training cost, HP, dark and fire flak resists, and then the 3 branches for hunter, sorcerer, warrior. Hunter attack + ammo, sorc HP + rage, Warrior attack and HP.

This doesn’t stop sniping but okay. Pg wants us to lose massive troops having to load 15k for fort debuff. :weary:


What does this mean?

The max number of farmers is 800. If you have Elite it is double, or 1600. They are increasing it to 2400 for elite.


How will we get that portrait ?


No castle ownership reset
No stopping to cg swap. Actually 15k cap will allow more cg hits.
No solution for snipe of level 4 castle with nml or public access.

Top diamond 5 team will continue to do what they were doing in previous seasons.

Best of luck :neutral_face:


@Arelyna 48000 + 300*level still isnt enough, its still way less that even the troop cap of the silver 2 taunter. what are you guys expecting us to bring it out just to get trapped and lose troops on purpose, come on


From the looks of it, this update promotes sniping even more


Thanks. But no increase in regeneration rate?

Is the rider skill tree the same as previous seasons?

They didn’t mention any changes to regen rate, so I would say no. But I’m not PG so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Here is Sophia:

And Anja:

This is only if they don’t make any changes since 5.11 release.


This change on the taunters will hurt smaller teams first. This is a bad move cause with the bronze taunter you was able to slow down a attack and take control. But these changes new obstacles will come look out smaller teams be prepared to lose castle now with the bonuses etc.


I don’t mean to sound like a noob, but what are expedite merchants? :sweat_smile: