Atlas Gear Leveling & Organization Tool

I created a tool for planning your atlas gear leveling and organizing what gear you have. The tool is to assist with which primary and secondary shards, and the amounts of each, that are needed to level up your gear. It will also show you what that increase will get you in Attack/HP buffs.

The second and third tabs are simple pivot tables that generate a summary of your gear after it is entered. Hope this helps!!

P.S. This is only for elite and mythic gear.


Thank you for the work thats gone into this. My gear is a little like my sock drawer, all sort of jumbled together and when I want something I go rummaging for a match. :roll_eyes: Now i can make sure I know exactly where I am.

I found one small challenge was to set the defense or offfence first, before the list of the gear type would load. Once I got that sorted it was easy.! I’ve loaded my result for one set of defensive gear. Gotta put the time into loading the rest.

Next gear levelling event I might even have a plan and know exactly what else to level. image|342x500


Yes, sorry I forgot to mention. You do have to select offense or defense before you can select the gear type, as there are differences.

I’ve made a note to change that when I update for next gear release…exotic… :joy: I wanted to get it done before gear leveling event started.

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@Azanem it is still locked and need to request access to look at it. You may need to change the link that you posted.

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :+1:t2:

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Link reposted. :blush:

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Thanks so much for sharing your gear organization sheet! Just like Three said, my gear is also like my sock drawer :laughing: … this will make it so much easier to know exactly what I need to work on or level at any given time.

I appreciate it! :hugs: :kissing_heart:

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Thank you. All good now. And thank you for sharing. Will be helpful to me and my team. :facepunch:t2: :facepunch:t2:

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Very nice sheet, switching to this one from my cobbled-together old one.

The colors are bit too much for my taste, but that’s easy enough to adjust to taste in my own copy. I really like the way the shard types are denoted by background colors in the shard column, neat solution.

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THANK YOU!! I have tried this on my own and failed. This helps me soooo much!

Since this is a planner, any chance to have Battle Power / crafting time included?

I can include the upgrading time in the next version.

Can you clarify what you mean by “battle power”? The starting buff, the upgraded buff and the increased buff amounts are shown in the far right columns. These are either Attack, HP, or RSS.

Combat power is a number on each piece of armor that’s mainly (only?) used to determine eligibility for atlas missions. 5-star missions require 17.000 combat power from rider and gear, for example.

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Ahh okay. :wink:

I can include it along with the upgrade time if the general consensus would find it helpful. I, personally, don’t think it would be all that useful as the combined combat power of all pieces of gear on a particular rider would determine what star level rider missions can be done.

I was attempting to create a tool to organize gear and assist with identifying how many shards are required to level it. I included the buff power as an afterthought almost as, it seemed to me, that would be informative in deciding which specific pieces someone might want to upgrade.

I fear adding the combat level would not assist the player in that regard.

But, like I said, I can include the increased combat power for each piece if people think it would be useful.

Awesome work @Azanem :slight_smile:

Mech has one that included buff calcs and also scoring and timers needed if you wanted to build on that or use it for inspiration.

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Great spreadsheet.
I have made 2 changes on my version:

  1. I have added the same conditional formatting for the Element column © as the primary shards one to easily see each rider.
  2. I added a filter on the pivot table in the tab Equipped Gear Count because it was showing all the gears even the non equipped ones. So I put a filter on Equipped set to True. All is fine now.

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