Atlas Gear off/def button

When you look at armor to put on your rider, it would be nice if there was a tag to pick defensive gear for offensive gear. Example: I have eight PCs of elite gear. Some offensive some defensive. Give a button that separates types.


Reminds me of my own thread I created some months ago:

I would love this and I’m sure it would be a tiny project, but a massive QoL improvement.


When you select the piece of gear you are wanting to craft, it does say whether it boosts the dragon(offensive) or whether It boosts towers (defensive) however I do agree that it could be made more noticeable and I would also add that PG really needs to move the salvage button because it is huge and right below the upgrade and remove buttons. I can see people hitting that accidentally but thankfully there is a confirmation screen but we have seen how effective those are lol

I have crafted several pieces of gear that says +7% to a dragon attack and another one might be +5% to a dragon attack. One was defensive one was offensive.

I just made it more difficult for me to assign and I got confused

As I mentioned they tell you the difference but it is hard to read sometimes with the print being so small

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