Atlas gears event and still can't use speed ups

As all we know, we still cant use speed ups for gears upgrading. You can only use rubies for that, but come on, we already spend for shards, atlas, … why we should not be able to use speed ups instead of rubies??


Primarch training? Also, diamonds would be even better :heart_eyes:, but I suppose that may open up holes.

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not that.
Rider gears upgrading…

Because not everyone has atlas?

Edit: I read your original question wrong :see_no_evil: Please ignore my comment :zipper_mouth_face:

It’s the primarch/rider training event right now, not the gear event :stuck_out_tongue:


Its been open for anyone in game for sometimes now to buy shards or gather them from season prizes and forge rider gears, even without atlas.

Yes, but it should be discussed before event starts. It’ll be 2nd event form now.

Also, I’m not talking all about event, we need ability to use speed ups for upgrading rider gears instead of using rubies.

It’s pretty much that workaround for the speedup exploit got copypastad over for gear instead of fixing. Seems like that’d be something for “Year of the Player” :thinking:

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PG, I really want your update in this matter please…

PG, I really want to see this happen too.
This is something that should happened long time ago…

I dont know why it wasnt diamonds from day 1. Rubies makes no sense.
If you go through the rider menu in the main game and purchase glory, it costs diamonds. So its not like they cant make diamonds work in the main game screen.

Rider gear was always an atlas thing, so it should be diamonds. A timer or diamond option (like troop training) would be best.

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People can craft gear without atlas. They cannot get diamonds without atlas

Grogg, the first rider, would like a word about that.


In Groggs day the rider was just a rider right? No gear? I don’t remember gear until atlas. How would you craft gear without crafting scrolls and element shards? Unless there was non-atlas, non-craftable gear in Grogg’s line. Now that I think about it maybe there was. But in any case, if it was non craftable then you didnt need diamonds to speed it up anyway.

But you make a good point that a lot of the reason for why this is so jacked up has its root in the flawed atlas rollout.

yeah this would be great

Again incorrect.
The first seasonal riders all contained uniquely named/stats gear in their branches. Up until, Terris or Nal or Portia somewhere there abouts.

Looks like you didn’t read the post past the first sentence :slight_smile:

But the conclusion, as relates to diamonds versus rubies remains valid

I was just clarifying.

You said that rider gear was always an Atlas thing. It’s now been corrected or changed by you to read more like “crafted rider gear was always an Atlas thing”.

But let’s just dig a smidge deeper, since now for a few seasons crafted atlas gear has been available.

So rubies still makes the most sense (from a ruby v diamonds perspective).

However what would make even more sense is just straight timers as an option at least. At an equivalent value to the ruby cost.

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Everyone agree what I said, but there is no response from PG yet
I’ve also seen in old threads this has been addressed many times…

I’ve also talked to support, and hopefully they’ll discuss this with developers too.

No reply yet?!
PG are you listening at all??
Nothing has been changed this event too, why should we pay more prices for playing each day??
Diamonds + Rubies + Elite cost + …?