Atlas Glitch on Android?

I have recently been experiencing a glitch in Atlas for about 2 weeks now. I figured it might go away and waited for a patch that could potentiality fix it but that fix never came.

What Is happening is I get kicked out of the game when I try to claim prizes in Atlas about 50% of the time. The frustrating part is many things I did in the past 20m to hour has been erased and I’m back to square one.
For example, my most recent glitch in Atlas removed all the runs, training troops, training 3 riders and collecting eggs from normal side and a few other things done in past hour or two. I’m not positive how much it erased because it’s random every time, sometimes i can claim 2/3 or 5/8 but when i exit the page it says sync error and reloads WD.
This is very frustrating and I’ve contacted PG via Ticket, still waiting on reply…

Is anyone else experiencing this type of glitch on Android?

Wait 3s between claiming prizes? :eyes:
Works for me…

I get this regularly waiting does not really help with the desync. Not really sure what is triggering it. The game registers some actions but not all. Its been going on for a while it is extremely frustrating. Last night I lost about a half hours progress (3 xp runs) and 2k egg tokens, but it kept the troops I built from the xp runs.


Yeah I’ve had similar instances where multiple things will be erased but troops will not. It’s very weird.

Yes, I am experiencing multiple glitches in Atlas Android, but I am tired of contacting PG about things that are never resolved.

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